World of Warcraft: Hunter Pets

I have been a long time fan of Exotic beast training with a hunter beast master spec.  I first picked up a Core Hound.  I think I died about 5 times trying to train this, as it would get me down on health, making me use a potion, which would stop me from casting, or it would interrupt my casting.  Imagine my suirprise when I first trained one, to learn that it could resurrect itself in battle!  I really enjoyed the BM spec, but in PvP, I wasn't doing so well, and had to go to a different spec.  However this post really as nothing to do with my past experiences but rather a really great resource on pets.  You've probably heard of Petopia, if you are a Hunter.  But while perusing an ad site, I found something really neat... a new Pet site, which has a lot more features and a slicker look.  I think one of the best features is the 3d models of the pets, so you can really get an idea of what you want model wise.

You can check out WoW Hunter Pets here.

According to my partners at (masters of hand leveling), the best pet to have is the cat.  This is a DPS per which is great for both leveling and PvP.  My personal preference for leveling however, is a defensive pet, as they are better at tanking.

PvP Tip: If you have a core hound (or other rez-able pet), and you are overwhelmed, allow your pet to die, then Feign Death.  If you Feign Death, and your pet is still active, people know you are faking.  But if your pet dies, then you "die" they think you are really dead.  Imagine their surprise when you and your pet "rez".

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