World of Warcraft: Keep the Jetstream effect, till you die

This is a server side glitch, which will show for everyone, including you. It will give you the Jetstream effect  from the Four Winds, until you die. It even works if you log out and in again. Really, this has no exploitable use, and so it's free for all our viewers to read. The only thing I could conceive of that would make this useful, would be for a trade mule, and the ability to grab someone's attention.

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Get a friend to summon you, then go into the throne of the Four Winds. Jump off the platform sideways, then accept the summons. You will now have the visual of the swirling animation around you. It won't show as a buff, so the only real way to remove it, will be to die.

Tip: Send yourself instructions on how to do it, and then "sell" the instructions to others who want to learn to do it as well. Remember that once a few people start selling the information, or giving it away it won't be worth as much, so the first few instructions you should sell high.

Note: This might also work for Vortex Pinnacle, but I have not tested this.

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