WoW: How to get in Heroic’s, with low level gear trick

written by Spitt

Here's a little trick to being in Heroic Dungeons, with low level gear.  When you first get to 80, you really need to gear up, but unfortunately, when you try to get in on a Heroic, people tend to leave the group, and you have to start all over with waiting - if your gear is poor.  Use this trick, to keep your group together.

As I leveled up, 70-80, I was doing a few random dungeons here and there, and there was never a problem with my gear.  But once I hit 80... a GS of 800 on wow-heroes, just wasn't enough, unless I wanted to grind Badges of Triumph, 2 per day.  Most of the gear dropping in the dungeons, was still blue at best.

When I tried to do a couple heroics, my groups quickly disbanded, so I couldn't get the gear I was really wanting.  So here's a trick I figured out which forced the people, to not leave.

It's really very simple - run Heroics late night during the week.  When you run them late night, people wait 30-60 minutes to get a Heroic Dungeon, and leaving the dungeon, would mean another 30-60 minutes in queue.  By doing them on the weekdays, late night, your group stays together, and you have a greater chance at epic gear, plus you get the Emblems of Frost each run, which can turn into some nice gear quickly.

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