MMO: Tips and Tricks for WoW and other games

Here's a few tips and tricks I have learned over the years.  I have almost always played on PvP servers, so some of these will only apply to that.

Use Insert and Delete to fly upside down.  Always looks kind of weird, especially if you are on a flying carpet and doing that.

Always (PvP Server) make a PvP toon, for leveling. Sooner or later you will be confronted with an enemy, who will pound you unless you know how to fight.

The best PvE gear won't help you in Arena and Battlegrounds, get PvP gear instead - and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Read each and every skill, and try to figure out how it will best be used to your advantage.

See if there are glyphs you can also use, which will augment your playing style.

If you get skills every 2 levels, then get them every 4.  You don't need to waste time running back and forth every 2 levels to get your newest skills - I have gone 5-6 levels before without new ones.

If you need to go afk, even to hit the head for 2 minutes - either log out or mount up and fly in the air.  This will save you from being ganked or killed by mobs.

Always read the manual that came with the game.  It will be a quickstart for game playing. And related to this, never buy "Killerguides' Leveling Guides" These are basically just re-hashed game manuals that you will end up paying $20-$30 for.

Know your keyboard.  If you play with the mouse and keys to move, put emergency spells and abilities in the numbered keys.  If you use keys cast and mouse to move, use alt-keys or ctrl-keys for the emergency spells and abilities.

Never assume your account is safe, since you use X to protect your system or account.  Take precautions and never believe any of those things where it tells you you can get a free mount or a GM account, by going to Y site - which isn't the official game site.

Always watch around you, for enemies.  While you can play top down, it's usually best to turn the camera around while you are playing.

If you are in BG's or Arena, and you are a hunter, set a freezing trap, then step in front of it.  This is great for annoying rogues and druids.

Your first character on a new account, should be a moneymaker, which is to say it should not have anything but gathering professions.  Take all that you gather and sell it.  When you have a crap load of money, then it's ok to make a character that can make something.

Read the patch notes.  If there are beta or test server notes, read them before the actual patch.  Knowing the notes, allows you to know whats going to happen ahead of time, and to take steps to ensure you can make money on them.

When leveling, spec into DPS if possible.  DPS will allow you to level faster, as you can kill more mobs.  Tanks or classes which can mitigate damage,as well as support classes will be slow to level, since they can't kill as fast.

Always wait 3-6 months to start a new mmo.  You want to know what kind of staying power a game has, but you wont know without a bit of time.  There is an advantage to playing on day one, you can be higher level then everyone else. If you start in 6 months when all the servers start to die (sometimes in 3 months), you will have the luxury of knowing you didnt waste your money on it.

In WoW, the 2 best professions money wise, are usually mining and skinning.  However mining and herbalism can also make money, but it will take a macro to continuously switch between tracking either of them.  Skinning will actually lose value over time, as it is only for equipment.  The other 2 can be used by more professions, thus will make more money later on, as they will still be in demand.

If you are going to buy gold or another currency, try to buy from a North American or European company, like UberGold.  Often the Chinese. Korean, and Russians do not work with a higher standard, and will claim delivery and try to rip you off.

Never buy gold in game, from a company that advertises in game.  These sites are usually targetted by the game companies, and will then cause your account to be banned.

Always report someone for botting.  I know, here you are botting away yourself, why would you report someone else?  It's competition; reporting someone else will make you less of a suspect; and too many bots in a game ruins the game (been there done that).

Leveling guides work!  But there is no need to spend a lot of money on them.  Search around, you can usually find them on guide sites for free or the cost of membership.

Maximize gold profits, list things on the AH for 5x bid, 7x buyout of the sell price.  Doing this sets the sell price for vendor price as the bid and buyout a hair over it.  List something 2x again, if it doesnt sell.  If it still doesn't sell vendor it or haven an enchanter break it into parts (or salvage it).

AFK weapon leveling is a joke.  You don't need to find a bugged mob.  Simply start with a low level mob, set your pet on peace, and start attacking it.  When it gets you to 1/2 health switch weapons or use a spell to kill the mob.  Rinse repeat and step higher on the level mobs till you get to your mob level.

If you find the loading screen tips helpful, then you need to go back and read the manual.

Every 1 hour of play, stretch your hands, arms, and legs.  Every 2 hours of play get up and take a look around, try to do something else for 5 minutes, even if it means making yourself a snack.  Speaking of snacks, eat low salt Peanuts.  They are healthy, taste great, and full of protein. Avoid chips, soda, and other sugary items.

In PvP assess the threat first.  While you might only see one, most people hunt in pairs on PvP servers.  Check often for that other person.  They might be up in the air, they might be stealthed,

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