WoW: Primal Mights at the Auction House

If you can craft Primal Mights, check your auction house to see what the prices are like. I find the over the weeks the prices fluctuate like crazy, so buy all the primals you can, when they are at their cheapest, and get crafting Primal might's. I have been able to craft a few with the same initial investment of transmuting a cardinal ruby. But unlike epic gems, the primal might has no cooldown and can sell for over 200g.  Being a transmute master will help with the profit here.

Also the reason why these still sell is mainly because of people choosing the alchemy specialization, which required 4 primal might.

Remember there are 7 different types of primals.  Primal Air, Primal Earth, Primal Fire, Primal Water, Primal Shadow, Primal Life, and Primal Mana.  Primal Mana is usually the one most people forget, as there in no crystalized equivalent in WLK.

Check Sparky's Workshop addon as well.  Can help in telling you whats profitable to make, and what isn't.

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