Lag7 Tool Re-Upload

What is the Lag7 Tool? Well, it's a tool which will allow you to create lag, and to use it at certain times. Originally, it's uses were used mainly for World of Warcraft, but today, with so many different MMOs about it can be used in most of them. 

Lag7 Tool Re-Upload

Why is this Lag7 Tool Re-Upload'ed? Because someone requested it, and we try to please our members here - both VIP and Free.

Lag7 Tool Re-UploadEssentially, the Lag7 Tool, will not send all the information packets to it's intended target server. What this means, is that whichever game you are playing, since not all the packets were sent, it's possible to use it to move through objects, but more specifically through doorways and portals.

You can use this at a tunnel for a PVP Entrance, where you can cause your character to stay mounted, across a battlefield. To others this might seem like a speedhack - it's not. You capture a flag, hit lag again, and seemingly move across the battlefield, without being hit. Alternatively, you might use it in much the same manner to cap an intended target on a PVP arena.

With as little at 2 seconds between each lag jump, you shouldn't get disconnected (the server will see that some packets are sent, and since they are legitimate packets, the game server won't disconnect you. Of course you can set slower or faster lag jumps and then use a hotkey to enable or disable the hack.

These are just a couple uses, and it should be noted that you aren't limited to slowing packets down. Instead you could speed them up. Now if you do that, the server responds quicker, giving you less lag. However if you do this, then NPCs will also hit you much faster - so experiment and let us know your results.

Non-VIP Member Download | Guide: Bypass surveys with fake info

VIP Member Download (password)

Instructions on use of the Lag7 Tool

  1. Download Lag7 (see above).
  2. Run Lag7 (you may need to run as admin if you install to /system).
  3. Set your hotkey.
  4. Dial a yield.
    • We recommend no more then 8 seconds. Any higher and you increase your chance to disconnect.

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credit to synthblade for the tool - we aren't sure if he's the original author or simply the original uploader of the Lag7 tool - but he gets credit anyways...

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