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So a Simple Lag Switch is built upon the idea that you can create lag within a game and thus interrupt the packets that are sent to and from the game. This allows for a whole slew of cheats. If you don't want to use a program, you can create a lag switch with an Ethernet cable and a toggle switch. You can also just briefly manually unplug your internet cable (assuming you are directly connected), or you can use a software lag switch.

About Simple Lag Switch

I Simple Lag Switchmentioned you can create a physical Lag Switch - you can follow a video guide to making one. You'll need a few tools, and a few parts. This one will work on any system which is directly connected to your router or modem via an Ethernet Cable. It might also work with older systems

You can purchase a Software Lag Switch which will cost you $7. This one is feature packed, as far as features for a lag switch can go, and can create pulses for you - so you will get intentional lag in small bursts. If you don't need these features, see below for another option.

Or you can opt for a free version of a Simple Lag Switch, which I will link below.

Simple Lag Switch Uses

Before you decide which version you ultimately want to use, I wanted to share with you the different ways a Lag Switch can be used. You can use it in First Person Shooters such as CSGO or Overwatch to lag, take a head shot, hide, and then de-lag. To the other person, you won't appear, you simply kill the other person. They will never see it coming. You can use it to run up on someone (to them, it will look like you teleport or warp), get behind them and backstab them.

You can use it to get past some walls and locked doors. You run into the wall or doorway, hit the hotkey for the Simple Lag Switch, and then wait a brief .5 to 1 second, and hit is again to reappear on the other side.

You might even be able to use it as a dupe enabler. The process will be much the same as other dupes, except you are directly causing the lag which is needed.

Finally, if you want to laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag death - you can enable it and leave it on. In some cases, this will actually prevent your death - sometimes in MMOs, and you will save yourself from death in PVP.

WARNING: While this game hack is undetectable, it isn't unnoticeable. Use briefly, once in a while on really tough opponents in PVP, or when no one else is around to see you cheat.

Simple Lag Switch Detectability

However you decide to use this Simple Lag Switch, know that it's fairly undetectable, as lag switches aren't really considered game hacks. They can simply turn on and off your firewall, sever a connection with ipconfig, or cause a LAN to fail with too much lag.

Simple Lag Switch Versions

We have actually included 3 versions in this download. The first version is very simple. The second version includes the firewall switch (needs to be run as an Administrator with Windows Firewall as your firewall running), and the 3rd version can also lag the crap out of your console, and the whole LAN - which means it will work on a console which is also connected to the same LAN. So see which version of the Simple Lag Switch works for you, and use it. Note: v3 will not work with 64bit Windows, but all versions are included in this download.

How to use Simple Lag Switch

You need to install . NET Framework 4.0 if you don't already have it installed.

Then, you need to set up the Simple Lag Switch. So...

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. System Security
  3. Windows Firewall
    Left panel:
  4. "Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
  5. Check (home/private and public same):
    • Turn on Win....
    • Notify ...
  6. Allow a program or feature ....
  7. Search for game you're going to use this on, select it and then click remove, click OK.

IMPORTANT! Start your game, when Windows Firewall ask you about the game and the application, DON'T CLICK ALLOW/BLOCK just close the window.

Now open your game and...

Press CTRL-S to cause lag, press CTRL-S again, to turn it off. If you're using v2 or v3, make sure to set up your own hotkeys (and click Save to enable them).

WARNING: Leaving Simple Lag Switch on, will cause your connection to the game to be terminated.

Download Simple Lag Switch

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