Diablo 3: Item Screenshot Grabber

A script which will allow you to mouse-over an item, and then press a hot key, to auto-screenshot and crop the item to an easy to re-post format. This will save all items in PNG or BMP format.



  • Mouse over item, hit F7, mouse over next item F7 again
  • Creates files item_0.png item_1.png item_2.png etc etc with each press
  • Works about 90% of the time, if it's working worse for you, just replace item_top.bmp and item_bot.bmp with your own version. Take a screenshot of an item you're viewing and grab the top left 8x8 corner pixel area and bottom right 8x8 corner pixel area
  • The diablo curses will flash off for a second if the screenshot worked and obviously a file will be created as well
  • Screenshot over 100 items in under a minute, no cropping necessary

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