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If you like the way Windows changed with Windows 8, more power to you. Personally, I hate the interface. I hate that you can’t goto the Start bar. I hate that it’s so damned difficult to open anything. I hate that they changed the whole fricken layout, after years and years of the Start bar. I mean lets get real here. Before the Start bar, there was Windows 3.1. That had to be back around 1988-1989? The next version of Windows, I think it was Windows 95, brought in the Start Bar (though Windows NT also had it). So from 1995-2011, some 16 years or so, they had a Start Bar. Now suddenly, since Microsoft is losing the desktop market to Android and OSX, suddenly they make a change? Bleh!

Well for those of you who also hate the new layout, and wish that Windows had a Start Bar again, look no further then Start 8 from Stardock ($5).


Start 8 Features:

  • Windows 7 style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements
  • Search for Windows 8-style (Metro) apps
  • Pin desktop and Metro apps
  • Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
  • Windows 8 Start screen accessible from the Start menu
  • Jump List support
  • Unified Search for apps, settings and files
  • Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
  • One click access to shut down, devices, music, documents, and videos

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