Cheat Site Tools Free Guide & Promo Code

I decided to make this guide on Cheat Site Tools. This isn't a set of tools to use to cheat in a game, but rather to make your own cheat site, which has the potential to make money. I decided to share this, because I paid $15 for a year's worth of hosting, and included was a free domain. Now normally, this would cost around $135 for a year with A2Hosting, and I figured, I could move my hosting for a couple of other sites I own, into the free hosting, allowing my to save some money elsewhere. So my $15 investment, will not only serve me, but you as well.

But I decided to provide some other tools which you can use to also create your own cheat site - that is tools for file hosting, monetizing the site, and other things which will help you to run it.

Cheat Site Tools Free Guide & Promo Code

Cheat Site ToolsI mentioned tools, but I went over a brief overview. So lets start with some basics. You're going to need a domain and website hosting. That's a given. For my example, I am using A2 Hosting - even though this site is actually hosted at Dediseedbox. A seedbox, is a tool to handle torrents, but I use mine for the website, since it's a full server and includes unlimited traffic for only about $50 monthly. You won't need this right away. Later, if you start getting 750+ visitors a day, you will need this type of hosting. For now, A2 Hosting will fit your budget. Again, it's going to cost you $15 if you get in on the deal I have posted below. If not, then you can try to find a cheaper hosting - but free isn't really a viable option. Another viable option is WP Engine, which is a host which offers optimized hosting for WordPress users.

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The reason I call this a set of Cheat Site Tools, is because you're going to want to find a way to monetize your site. You can charge for access with a subscription based, in which case, Clickbank is a viable option. As is offering a service which uses PayPal to access. The problem with offering PayPal is the amount of chargebacks. I did it for many years, and people will dispute or chargeback if they can. But by using a Clickbank subscription it makes it so that if they chargeback, then they won't be able to purchase from any site which offers services via Clickbank. But to start out, offering PayPal is a good option.

In order to accept payments via PayPal, Google Wallet, Skrill, or even direct credit card payments, you're going to need a plugin for which ever platform you plan to use. The cheapest option is to go the route of either phpbb or wordpress. Both of these are free solutions, one's for forums, one is for blogging. This site started as a forums, but later switched to blogging software. While wordpress does have 2 different forums softwares which can easily be integrated, they are still in the ugly stage and there isn't much support for either of them with extending their uses. This is why I mentioned phpbb. However, if you're planning to offer software licenses, which tie to your subscription, look to VBulletin. It will cost about $200 for a license, but will end up being the better choice for that route. But it can be a later route, as you can use tools to import the database from something free.

Now let's suppose you want simply to offer sales of pdf guides or a hack which can be downloaded, for a price. This is where you're going to want a store software. I am using WP eStore which costs about $50, but there are many free options, you just need to choose something which works for you. WooCommerce is also a viable option, with a lot of support right now. If you want to make people pay with bitcoin however, you can simply use GoURL. The problem with this option however, is that unless the product is either highly illegal or online gambling, most people won't have a bitcoin wallet. So the better option is WP eStore if you are on WordPress.

If you want to offer people to just download by taking surveys, there are 2 services that I offer. I started by using Astro - but got blocked when I didn't cash out at about $120. After I used a proxy, I was able to get in and cash out. Then it became unblocked. It's a good survey wall, lots of mirrors offered, and allows for larger downloads. But the blocking issue bothered me. Another option is Share-Cash. I like it, very customizable some good tools, but smaller file sizes. If you plan to offer a site similar to this one, then you will also want to host files, but we can't do it locally. This is where you want a Mega account (50gb free). There are other options, but many of them will simply block you if they get one or more DMCA requests. Interestingly, many companies which do the DMCA warnings will not go through an ad wall, which is why I now use them to block automated reporting software.

I also use lots of plugins. I am not going to mention all of them, you won't need them all listed in this Cheat Site Tools guide. But you should get some of them. 'PrettyLink' is good for masking links. 'Jetpack' is good for counting visitors. I mentioned 'WP eStore', which can be used to charge for downloads - or software licenses. Get a tool to remove urls from comments. There are a few good anti-spam plugins, but if you are using clickbank, then you will want to use 'cookies for comments', all others will break the payment gateway. Finally, for offline support, I would suggest Zopim. One user, is free, and it will sit in the bottom of the page, waiting for someone to click on it. I use it for offline support.

I thinks there is only one other thing you need to do in this Cheat Site Tools guide, to get a site which looks nice, and thats a nice theme. There are plenty of free ones out there. Personally, I used one from FlexiThemes. Like I said, plenty of free ones out there, but for $30 a good buy - and I can reuse on other sites, changing this and that.

Bonus: If you're looking to promote someone else's product, and just want to post links on various websites, you can post CPALeads links. It won't work on this site, since I moderate all comments, but you can use this to promote other people's hacks and guides, and make a bit of money from that as well, without the need to actually create a site yourself.

Ok, so at the very top of this page, I mentioned how you could get 1 year of free hosting and a domain from A2Hosting. Click the link on the left, and use this promocode, "STACKS16". Sign up for 1 year, and for the "Swift Plan". You can now enjoy a free year. This deal won't last long, and for that matter it might end in the next 5 days - but you have the Cheat Site Tools guide and information now, and that's all you need to get started making your own Cheat Site. On the cheap, you can make one for free. If you want something more professional looking, expect to pay around $80-$100. 

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