Create a Chat Spammer for MMO’s

chat spammerIt's fairly simple to Create a Chat Spammer, if you are able to create in-game macros and then assign them to your toolbar or hotkeys. For this Chat Spammer, I am going to assume 2 things. First that you can make in-game macros (or commands) and second that you can assign them to a bar.

Create a Chat Spammer for MMO's

So you want to Create a Chat Spammer. Before you do this, we need to get one thing straight. Doing it for the purpose of advertising a website, gold selling site, or anything harrassing, will likely get your account banned. It may also get any other accounts on the same IP banned. Do so at your own risk. For the sake of your main account, we highly recommend you consider using HideMyAss VPN, which will allow you to choose which IP you want to spam from.

Next, to Create a Chat Spammer, you need to make your actual spam message. We do this with the use of an in-game macro. Open your in-game macro editor, and create a macro. It should be something like "/2 Guild MMOEX is now recruiting all levels. Please contact Spitt for invite. All players welcome, Raid Bosses 5/8". Of course it can say anything, that's just an example, you could use it to sell items, advertise something else... who knows. Once you make whatever you want to say on it (including chatting into multiple channels), then save the macro, and assign it to your abilities bar, or a hotkey.

Now the next step to Create a Chat Spammer, is to make sure your character can spam all day - or at least for several hours.

The tool to cause the spamming, is located here.

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