Decompile exe’s to aut (AutoIt)

Once in a while, a tool comes along that should be in any would-be exploiter's arsenal.  This tool, takes unencrypted exe's and turns them into auto-it source code.  Of course the exe has to be a compiled version of an AutoIt macro for it to work, but it makes decompiling easier, so you can make changes or learn from the code.

Download EXE2AUT

3 Responses to Decompile exe’s to aut (AutoIt)

  1. sendsay says:

    Very thanks !!!

  2. John Silvetto says:

    a way better decompiler (which can even decompile scripts, that are protected) for all who are looking for one can be found on

  3. Spitt says:

    Had not realized it had been updated, nor where to get an updated version. Thanks.

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