Final Fantasy XIV: Better Windower Utility

This is a small utility which will allow you to use Windowed mode, without gaining DirectX error messages, nor crashes from User Account Control, not anything else save driver crashes. You may also notice a slight increase in speed, while in Windower mode.

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What it does

  • Alt-Tab from a pseudo fullscreen, so you don't get the DirectX error message again
  • No more crashes due UAC, Ctrl+Alt+Del or anything else that let you lose the DirectX device (exception: driver crash)
  • FFXIV runs a bit faster (about 5%, need feedback) than in the build in window mode

What still needs to be done

  • Finish plugin interface
  • Write a proper launcher


  • DirectX 10
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7

How To:

  1. In FFXIV settings activate window mode
  2. In FFXIV settings set window size to desktop resolution (this step is optional - when you don't set it to full res WindowerXIV will only fix the DirectX erros and leave the rest alone)
  3. Start launcher, set the path to your ffxivboot.exe and press Launch


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