Free Netflix Hulu Replacement & Alternative

I came across a Free Netflix Hulu Replacement guide which I am about to share with you. Let me first confess. I have been a long time fan of Netflix and even more so of Torrents. I have had Netflix for a while now, but have been torrenting, since I stopped using newsgroups. Newsgroups were great, I had pretty much everything I wanted there. But as my ISP decided not to carry it anymore, I was left stranded. At first, I tried XDCC and eMule, even a little of the other file sharing programs, but nothing really gave me what I needed as far as a Free Netflix Hulu Replacement - not that those were even available when I was really into the warez scene.

Free Netflix Hulu Replacement & Alternative

Free Netflix Hulu ReplacementSo anyways, let's talk about the Free Netflix Hulu Replacement, which I wanted to share with you. I am not the originator of this guide or idea, but I did test it, and verify it works.

To start this Free Netflix Hulu Replacement, we need to first download Kodi. Kodi is a bit like Windows Media Center, so it's perfect for any PC entertainment system. It has an on-board keyboard, so that you only need a remote with left-right-up-down cursor and enter buttons. This will allow you to use just about any remote or wireless mouse. And it has so many different addons you can install, which in turn will allow you to turn it into a true Netflix Hulu Replacement entertainment system. 

After you install Kodi, you are going to find and install a couple addons. These addons are not available on the official site, but can easily be found. The first is a file manager addon, so that you can add addons remotely easier. The second is an addon which shows you all of the streams you could want for free.

So you have Kodi installed, now we need to install the addons. The first Free Netflix Hulu Replacement addon is going to be Fusion. I have linked the install instructions to make it easier for you. You will note at the top of the page, that this is not an official addon for Kodi.

Second, after you have installed Fusion, we need to install Genesis. Again, this is not an official addon, but it works well as our Free Netflix Hulu Replacement. 

Once you have everything installed, you will no longer need to have all the protections which you once had, such as private trackers and peerblocker. However, it's still a good idea to use a VPN with your new Netflix Hulu Replacement, and for that, I recommend HideMyAss VPN. It's easliest one of the freindliest VPNs I have ever used - next to CyberGhost VPN.

I do welcome you to try out the other addons as well. Currently, I have Movies4k and ShoutCast 2 installed on mine, which means I get to see new movies, as well as play my favorite radio genre stations as well. To play media files such as MKV, I have downloaded, I still use VLC however.

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