Game Screen Recording Software List

This Game Screen Recording Software List is the definitive guide to game recording for games. There aren't many recorders which do games. We list them here.

I learned the other day that not all Game Screen Recording Software are the same. You see, I was given a free screen recording software, which would record everything I did. But the moment I went in-game to try to record some footage - the recording became black. Sound worked fine, but the video itself was non-existent. That's when I realized the above statement. There are however a few which will record the game screen.

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Game Screen Recording Software List

Game Screen Recording Software ListThere are a few Game Screen Recording Software's you can choose from. If you have an nVidia card or an AMD card, there are free options available - for newer systems. If you have an elder computer or a potato style computer, possibly even a laptop the software might not run. This is where a 3rd party solution is needed. Let's talk about those first.


Fraps is the grandaddy of all the game screen recording software. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it hasn't been updated in a while I do not know if the last versions will work with Windows 10. It was last updated in 2013, and claims that it works to Windows 7, which means it probably works with Windows 10... but we can't be sure.


  • Benchmarking Software
  • Screen Capture Software
  • Realtime Video Capture Software

It will cost $37 to buy it.


Bandicam is the next up. It's the newest game screen recording software which is still be worked on and released. Bandicam does work with Windows 10 (I have it installed myself) and allows you to record anything from your desktop to your game screen. I highly recommend it. 


  • Select Area and Record
  • Real-time Drawing
  • Add Webcam Overlay
  • Mix Your Own Voice
  • Add Logo to Video
  • Mouse Effects

It will run $39 for one computer.


Raptr started as a game helper, but later added features to allow for in-game video recording software. It's a promotional software, which gives games analytics of their players to the game companies. Also allows for chatting to chat clients and social media. It used to offer rewards and support for console games, but no longer.


  • Record game clips
  • Update grafix drivers for both nVidia and AMD
  • Optimize game settings
  • Video Editing Tools

This software is free to download.


Recorder is another free tool which will allow you to record your games. I am not sure it works with full screen games, but with desktop games, the price is hard to beat.


  • Video clips
  • Game video records
  • Online video records
  • Records of video and audio conversations
  • Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish

This software is free, but only works on Windows based systems.


For Macintosh, the only one I could really find, was MacXVideo - but I can't really be sure it will capture full screen games - since I do not have a Mac. In fact if there is one I am missing for Mac or you know a good one for Linux, make a comment below, and I will add it. 


  • Video Game Recording Ability
  • Editing Feature
  • Video Game Compatibility
  • Convert to MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc.

The cost is normally $60, but it's on sale for the summer (2017) for $30.

nVidia / AMD

Now above I did mention that both nVidia and AMD have their own versions. These are actually free. It doesn't appear that either can do screen in screen like Bandicam can, but they can record and then you can edit them as necessary.


  • Updates video drivers to latest
  • Allows game recording
  • No extra cost

If you have the video card, then the software is free, but usually doesn't have extra features like cam overlays or streaming support.

Game Screen Recording Software Overview

Hopefully, you will be able to find a solution with this list of Game Screen Recording Software. Overall, I believe that Bandicam is likely the best of the best out there. You can also use their Bandicut software to join 2 videos together. If you need to convert videos to another format, check out either Freemake Video Converter or Any Video Converter. Both let you crop, trip, rotate and convert to different formats.

Want to add something? Leave a comment. Let us know what you think about this guide on Game Screen Recording Software, in the comments below. 

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