Generic DLL Injector

A generic, advanced, and portable DLL injector.


  • Native IA32 injection. (Inject 32-bit DLLs into 32-bit processes.)
  • Native AMD64 injection. (Inject 64-bit DLLs into 64-bit processes.)
  • Injection via process id. (On the fly injection.)
  • Injection via window title. (On the fly injection.)
  • Injection via process creation. (On the fly injection.)
  • Injection via process name. (On startup injection.)
  • Ejection via process id. (On the fly ejection.)
  • Ejection via process title. (On the fly ejection.)
  • Ejection via process creation. (On the fly ejection.)
  • Ejection via process name. (On startup ejection.)
  • Remote export calling. (Call an export remotely in the module. Allows for safe injected DLL programming.)
  • Batch scriptable command line interface.
  • Suspends the process while injecting or ejecting to help prevent potential race conditions present primarily in DLLs that perform hooking.

Should work on all Windows versions after and including Windows XP SP2. Support for Windows versions earlier than SP2 is unofficial. If you get it to work that's great, however I have no interest in officially maintaining anything earlier than XP SP2.

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