Multiple Key Spammer Tool

Multiple Key Spammer Tool

Multiple Key Spammer ToolWith the Multiple Key Spammer Tool, this tool could help prevent hours of endless work, to take down a World Boss, BAM, or Boss Mob. How? By helping to keep your buffs up. Imagine a scenario, you've been fighting, doing everything perfectly, but for some reason, your timing was off. You forgot to cast an important spell, right when you needed it most. You along with your clan members, just wiped! Of course you tell your friends it wasn't you, no sense losing points over the matter, but you know the truth. It was your fault.

If you were instead using the Multiple Key Spammer Tool, this might not have happened. Of course, there is a possibility it still might, but at least it won't be because the timer wore down and you forgot to push a single button. The Multiple Key Spammer Tool, will cast as many spells on your cast bar, every time your buff wears down. Just set the time and key, and go.

Need to edit the keys on the Multiple Key Spammer Tool? No problem! You can even save configurations, for different characters. You can also have one button mashed over and over, in case you have all your spells set onto one key press macro (like I do on some characters). No more incessantly mashing the same key over and over, it's all ready for you.

Multiple Key Spammer Tool


Tip: Remember to choose which window you want to apply the key spam tool, prior to starting to "Spam".

Multiple Key Spammer Tool as a chat spammer

While not intended, you can also use this Multiple Key Spammer Tool, to spam in chat... First, make a macro in whichever game you play to say something like this... /1 Looking for more guild members, active guild, PST for invite! Then name the macro and assign it a button. Drag the button to your toolbar, on the first key (press 1 to test that it works). Now assign your Multiple Key Spammer Tool to "cast" that spell every 15 minutes or so (900 seconds). Grats! You now have a Guild Member Recruitment Macro Tool.


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