Play MMO Games over a Proxy – bypass firewalls

This will help you how to install tunnel to the world, and connect your MMO through it. This is useful to get through firewalls, bypass an IP ban, or to hack a private server, without endangering your real account.

Step 1)
Download both "HTTP-TUNNEL" and "Socks Cap" before beginning. Choose the free version of HTTP-TUNNEL, as you do not need the paid version for your purposes. When installing the programs, do not change any of the default settings. The programs will automatically detect what settings are necessary for your computer and network, and changing these could cause some problems that prevent the software from running properly.
Download HTTP-TUNNEL from here:
Download Socks Cap from here:

Step 2)
Run HTTP-TUNNEL and select "Use free service". It will automaticly connect to free gateway.

Step 3)
Run Sockcap, press OK to use Trial. When window opens, Press Add, and find the program game executable located on your computer. Add it to your list of Sockcap.

Step 4)
Run your MMO through Sockcap (Doubleclick on icon of the MMO in Sockcap window).

Step 5)
Your MMO is now using random proxy.

7 Responses to Play MMO Games over a Proxy – bypass firewalls

  1. privatemanos says:

    Hello, good job with this!

    Do u know if i can use it for programs like Skype/WoW/Cod4 etc….?

  2. alphgundam says:

    I can’t get Socks Cap to download. What do I do?

  3. blackheart says:

    You can search on the net for Sockscap, but look for version 2.40, which was the latest version. It won’t run on Windows 64bit however, so you will need to use Widecap for that -which you can also search for on the internet.

  4. zcar says:

    i got a prob in my log in in ROHAN BLOOD FEUD when i log in my account and pass. it say noy invalid HTTP address

  5. fye says:

    can you show the tutorial on how to use Widecap…tq

  6. gsfg says:


  7. Spitt says:

    I am guessing you didn’t actually run a virus check, and instead got a popup warning of a certain behavior. Heuristics can be great, but they can also warn of behavior which is perfectly safe. Since a tunnel allows you to bypass your normal traffic behavior, a tunnel will show as a false positive. Both of the 2 sources listed above, are both trusted sources which do not host viruses.

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