Pwnboxer multibox dualbox software

*NEW Version* Pwnboxer v02.02.0215.01

Platform: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Pwnboxer is the BEST dualboxing software on the market hands down, this application is really popular with World of Warcraft.

Start multiboxing in FIVE MINUTES with Pwnboxer!

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Additional Information:

What is Pwnboxer?

Pwnboxer is a revolutionary program written exclusively for players who play multiple video games of the same type at the same time. These people are often referred to as ‘multi-boxers’ or ‘multiboxers’ or ‘dual-boxers’ and the like.

Pwnboxer was written in the spirit of good, clean gameplay. Every feature in Pwnboxer has been carefully designed to be as friendly to games and game designers as possible.

Pwnboxer is a program which has the core functionality to allow a user the ability to launch multiple games at once and provides them with with control to ‘broadcast’ their actions in 1 game window to multiple game windows.

Pwnboxer has many features and tools which enable 1 user to fully control multiple games at once. These features are far advanced over any keyboard broadcaster or multiboxing software in today.

Pwnboxer is constantly under development. We are constantly adding new features to the program to continue to support the multiboxing community and continue to ensure Pwnboxer remains a world-class software.

Pwnboxer fully supports Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.

What ISN’T Pwnboxer?

Pwnboxer does not automate gameplay in any fashion. Every action must be initated by the user.

Pwnboxer is not a ‘bot’ software.

Pwnboxer does not reveal any exploits or cheats within a game.



I have released yet another update to Pwnboxer!  This update fixes a small bug with Autofocus on mouse hover, as well as correctly setting window focus when using the fast game switch.  Also, a small bug concerning games other than World of Warcraft have been fixed.  Lastly, some minor performance tweaks have been made, making Pwnboxer even FASTER!

Pwnboxer has a new release, version v02.01.0206.0.   This version has enhancements to the game zoom functions and also has better support for Blizzard’s authentication system.  In addition, Fast Game Switching has been enhanced for faster speeds.  A big thanks to all the people who helped with these enhancements.


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  1. Ron says:

    Virus in download.

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