Quick Tip: Keeping your computer on for long periods of time

I normally keep my computer on, for a week at a time. I like to put it to sleep at night, move the mouse and have it start up instantly in the morning. I hate waiting for that 10 minute load time (lots of stuff loaded). I have found a nifty trick, which allows me to keep the computer online, longer then before I started doing it, without hiccups.


It's really something simple, but I guess when I didn't use this trick, between the constant torrenting, gaming, and managing my sites, I was running my system a bit hard. It used to be, I needed to restart my system, about every 4 days, to clear the page file and do whatever gets done with a reboot.  However I like to occasionally run some cleaner files, and I noticed my system ran a lot better, after I had defragged. So I began defragging each night with Defraggler.  Now, instead of having to reboot, every 3-4 days, I have been keeping my system up 7, 8, 10 days at a time.

So here's my advice. Defrag, and Defrag often.  Not only does it stop some of the bad shizz from happening, it actually also frees up space. Those fragmented files on your system, take up space, which can easily be gained. So if you have 25gb of fragmented files, that 25gb of space you could be using, if you defrag.

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