SC2: Offline Skirmish Pack Installer v1.2

Installer and readme by TK.DeMoNiK



Starcraft 2 Beta – Offline Skirmish Pack
Installer and readme by TK.DeMoNiK
Readme Version 1.2

• What is this and what is it for?
This is a single installation package of the Best beta files (That I know of) that allows you to play Starcraft 2 Beta Offline with bots.

• Why I made this pack
I’m all for making software super easy to use and look good in the process.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies


– To install, unzip the files, double click Starcraft II Beta – Skirmish Pack Installer exe and follow the instructions.

– This pack is recommended with a CLEAN UPDATED INSTALL OF STARCRAFT 2 BETA to insure that you don’t run into any problems!!

– LazyLauncher will pick up on some antivirus software as a Virus. Rest assured, this is not a virus!! It only picks it up as a virus because of the way the code works. Be sure to add LazyLauncher to your anti virus’s exceptions list.

– For new versions of the pack, make sure to uninstall the old one you have before installing a new pack!! This doesn’t count for updates/patches.

– For updates on the Skirmish Pack keep your eyes on mmoexploiters

– Feel free to let me know of any new updates or if there is anything better out there than what I’ve included in this pack.

– Maps is not included with the package installer. You can download maps via the Beta Loader GUI from a files server

• Requirements:
– .NET Framework 3.5
– Windows Xp/Vista/7
– Updated Install of Starcraft II Beta
– For replays you will need a updated Cache file.
> You get this when you log into the Beta with an official account; Don’t have one? Check for Cache files at

• Files in this pack
– LazyLauncher v2.0
– Beta Loader GUI v0.22.3
– StarCrack v6.1.1

• Uninstallation
– Go to add & remove, the pack will be listed there, or go to the installation directory.

• What to expect for future updates
– Better AI & GUI > The current GUI will most likely be updated and there will always be improvement on AI, AI can never be “too good” (except if its cheating).
> Beta Launcher GUI Ladder system improvements and fixes expected.
– Offline LAN > Don’t ask about this, because it’s going to take a while and might not even happen.

• Credits
– Team LazyTown – LazyLauncher
– Valkirie – Beta Loader GUI for LazyLauncher
– DarkBlizz Community – AI Scripts & Maps
– TeknoGods Community
– TK.DeMoNiK – Single setup package of all files


Beta Loader GUI v0.22.3
Full Res: … UI0223.jpg

By Valkirie

Online Ladder System
Full Res: … Ladder.jpg

By Valkirie

• Skirmish pack changelog:

Skirmish Pack Version 1.2
– Added Beta Loader GUI v0.22.3

Skirmish Pack Version 1.1
– Added Beta Loader GUI v0.22.2
– Maps not included with newer versions of installer

Skirmish Pack Version 1.0.1
– Updated Readme (1.1.1)
– Added Starcrack AI v6.1.1
– Added Easier AI

Starcraft 2 Beta – Offline Skirmish Pack v1.2 (NoMaps) download:

Size: 8.95MB
Type: RAR
Description: Contains all the files you need to play skirmish with bots. NOW WITH TEAM SELECTION.

Starcraft 2 Beta – Offline Skirmish Pack v1.1 (NoMaps) download:

Size: 8.96MB
Type: RAR
Description: Contains all the files you need to play skirmish with bots. Maps can be downloaded from a file server via the GUI, just click the download button.

This post sponsored by:

Starcraft 2 Beta – sYk0 Map Pack download:

Size: 32.09MB
Type: RAR
Description: For those that want all the maps in one single installation.

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