Starcraft 2: APM (Actions Per Minute) Counter

This tool puts a tiny box on your screen that displays your Average APM. For Starcraft II users, I recommend putting it over the in-game portraits (To the left of your commands [build, stop, attack, etc]). This is extremely helpful because it lets you know how you are doing as far as APM.

*NOTE* - It is against Blizzard's terms to create any third-party program to aide in playing a game. This tool, however, is 'not' meant for any Blizzard Game. This tool can be used on ANY game or RTS (Real Time Strategy) game you wish to use it on. Of course, I 'have been told' that it works great with Starcraft II.

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Instead of charging for the tool, I have decided to 'monetize' it in another form... a free of charge form! What you have to do is register an account at my referral link here: If you do not sign up under THIS referral link, the program will not work. No others will work.

After you have signed up, you are required to run the CashGopher software before using this tool. This tool will not work if you do not have CashGopher running!

This is such a measly thing to ask for such a useful tool, so please, leave CashGopher running while you are not running my tool. Of course, you could turn it off after you are done using my tool, but that would hurt my earnings (a few cents) for that day.

If, however, you decide to be greedy and turn off CashGopher after you are done using my tool, you will have to restart your computer for CashGopher to boot back up. This isn't by my decision... CashGopher, for some odd reason, doesn't have a runnable .exe. The only way the software loads up is when you start up your computer.


  1. Start the program
  2. Start your game (Starcraft II) (#1 and #2 are interchangeable)
  3. Begin your match
  4. Press the 'HOME' key on your keyboard (Your APM will now be counted. This starts the counter.)
  5. Just keep an eye on the numbers. They represent your Average Actions Per Minute for that game. In future releases, I will add a 'Current' APM counter as well.


'Esc' - Terminates Program (Or Red 'X' on the tool)

'Home' - Starts/Restarts Program - Press it to begin counting. If you need to restart it after your game is over, press it again. This will stop it from counting. Press it again (a third time) to start it from 0 again.


  • It will not record any keys pressed while holding another key (Holding Shift/Control and clicking units, etc). This 'bug' is hard to code around, but I'll try to get it fixed by the next version. Results may be skewed a tad bit from actual APM, but it'll be close enough!


NOTE! This is an AutoIt executable. It has been obfuscated, and may show up as Malware on some anti-virus programs. It is not Malware, however like any program, if you don't trust it, then don't use it - but don't come here screaming that this is a virus/trojan! It does not try to access the internet.

created by swords

One Response to Starcraft 2: APM (Actions Per Minute) Counter

  1. anons says:

    Please give the source of the script. I want to make an Action Per Second counter, and this would be helpful to get started.

    There is no reason to obfuscate code and not open source the program.

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