Starcraft 2: Custom Build Order Creator

Ever wish you could choose the fastest way to achieve a particular build? Here is an application that generates Starcraft 2 build orders. You tell it how many units, buildings, or upgrades you want by a certain time, and it works to find the best possible way to achieve this. The less time and the less resources a build requires, the better.

Introducing evolutionchamber

Because there are so many ways to build up your base and your army in Starcraft 2, the number of build order possibilities is essentially endless. Considering every possible build order (using "brute-force") would take literally hundreds of years, even with today's fast computers. EvolutionChamber uses a different technique, called a genetic algorithm, which is able to find a really good solution without having to consider the entire search space.

A genetic algorithm works by "mating" two solutions together to create a new solution. Just like in life, the child solution will share some of its parents' traits, but will also contain unique traits of its own. The child then goes on to mate with another child from a different set of parents to form its own child. This process is repeated indefinitely. The strongest solutions are saved and are allowed to mate with each other. The weak solutions are discarded and don't get to reproduce.

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