Tool: free Video Capture program

I  have been using a tool for quite some time to make dvd's from videos, and saw that this same program was now offering a free video capture program.  The nice thing about the program, is it's free.  It's also basic, so easy to use.  However advanced tools, these are not.  If you want to get started by recording your recent raid or replay, or something else in game, then here's a tool which you can use to capture the video.

It's called DVDVideoSoft.  This is a package of tools, which is about 41mb for all the tools, or 12 mb for just the video recording software. This is a much better solution then using fraps or another "free" video capture tool, which labels your videos with an annoying ad... you should ofc still give credit in the end of the movie to mmoexploiters for leading you to this tool tho 😉

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