Updated HackShield Bypass


Updated HackShield BypassThe Updated Hackshield Bypass will allow you to inject the included Bypass DLL into the game and then after that install or use any other hacks. This version was released about 1 week ago, so it's the newest one available at the moment. 

What this does, is allows you to inject the included ByPass DLL into the game and then after that install or use any other hacks. This can be used on any game which is protected with Hackshield, such as S4, Ragnarock Online, and Archeage.

Updated HackShield Bypass Features

  • Ring 0 Bypass
  • Debugger bypass
  • CRC Bypass
  • Processhash bypass
  • Module bypass

Updated HackShield Bypass Tutorial

  1. Download the archive (Virustotal)
  2. Open the Archive (you may need to use 7zip, if it won't open with anything else)
  3. Turn off anti-virus if needed
  4. Unpack Updated HackShield Bypass
  5. Start DLL Injector Tool
  6. Start Hackshield protected game
  7. Select Game Process, inject into game memory
  8. Edit game memory
  9. Have fun

6 Responses to Updated HackShield Bypass

  1. helena202 says:

    There’s a password

  2. Spitt says:

    Yes there is, it’s reserved for our VIP members…

  3. Grenado says:

    does it still work?

  4. Spitt says:

    It used to work, but it’s a bit old. I will search for a new version later today, when I have time. You can however try it on a free account and see what happens… *shrug*

  5. Spitt says:

    Put a tutorial here for you, on how to create your own… Will continue to search for a working program solution in the meantime. Good luck!

  6. dan daries says:

    doesn’t work anymore

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