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I have been using uTorrent for a few years now. Over the years, it’s been like a good friend to me. But recently, something changed for the worse. So I searched for a uTorrent Alternative. No, the advertisements aren’t what changed for the worse. I am ok with that actually. I know to develop and upkeep software or even a server, costs money. If they want to monetize the software a bit, and it doesn’t intrude on my system, go for it. I can stand to see a game or girl advertisement.

No, when I talk about something changing, it’s more on the side of buginess. Torrents weren’t being added, some werent being removed, crashes were happening. Sure, I submit tickets, but all bug fixes take time. So I began to search for a uTorrent Alternative.

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The first thing I did, was search Duckduckgo – because who in their right mind uses Google for a general search anymore. I first found a list of Torrent Clients via Wikipedia. This is all well cnad good, but the second highest rated torrent program comes from Bittorrrent – which is the same software producer as uTorrent. In fact, even their Android clients are the same, except for the name and colors. Since I am looking for a uTorrent Alternative, I left behind Bittorrent as well.

Instead, what I found was actually a list of softwares which is no longer valid. Meaning, there are a ton of abandoned projects out there, things which no longer work, or don’t support simple mechanics like magnet links.

I did see Azeurus, and while I have used it in the past, I do not have fond memories of it. What really surprised me, was that FrostWire (an open source version of Limewire). Surprise, it now supports Torrents, and is vying away from the peer2peer file sharing, which made it a viable alternative to LimeWire. So I installed it.

After playing with ForstWire, and setting it up as a uTorrent Alternative, I was verily surprised to find that FrostWire actually works much better then uTorrent. As far as Torrent Downloads go, FrostWire is faster then uTorrent when it comes to download speed.

The maximum speed I have ever gained from uTorrent was about 1.2 megabits per second. When it comes to speed, Frostwire tops that at an amazing 3.5mb per second. Of course I have a fast download speed anyways, but the fact that I get about 3x the speed out of Frostwire versus uTorrent, makes Frostwire a viable uTorrent Alternative for Torrent Downloads.

Download FrostWire for Windows
Download FrostWire for MacOSX
Download FrostWire for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint
Download FrostWire for Android

uTorrent Alternative

Sadly the lesson I learned from all this, is that uTorrent throttles back the download speed. I am not sure why this is true, but it means that I am free from the throttling – now. It also means I will be checking out the Android version of Frostwire – though truth be told, I am fairly happy with the KickAss Torrents app. But I wonder what the Forstwire Andorid version can do for me.


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