Warhammer: Get any Influence item using Cheat Engine – NERFED

As commented below by Brokin, this appears to be nerfed.  You can gain influence, but no longer get the rewards.  Thanks for the report Brokin!

by dccoh

You will need Cheat Engine for this, get it from cheatengine.org

Here is a basic info window for Cheat Engine. CE1

Step 1:
Open up Cheat Engine, and click the Icon in the top left that says
"Let's you select the program you want to cheat with" when you hover above it. Find war.exe in the list and select it. The title war.exe will then appear to let you know it is selected as in the diagram.

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Step 2:
Go to the PQ / Rvr area that you want the influence gear in. Next, get any amount of influence. Let's say you have exactly 100 influence now. Go to CE (cheat engine) and in the value box type 100 and hit enter. Do not select hex as the number we are using is just a straight up decimal value from the game.

Step 3:
Get more influence from the same area as you were in in step 2. Let's say you now have 200 influence. Go to CE, and now type 200 in the same value box as you did in step 2, but this time instead of enter, click the "Next Scan" button. You should now have the 1 location it found in the box to the left.

Step 4:
Double Click the value in the left box and that value should now appear in the very bottom part of the CE program window. Refer to the diagram if you need to.
Right click this value and select "Find out what writes to this address".

Step 5:
Cheat Engine will prompt you with "This will attach the debugger of Cheat Engine to the current process." Just click yes to Continue. and a Window will popup.

Step 6:
Go back to the game and get more influence in that zone /area you were in.
Now the "mov[eax+0x8]" value should show up in one of the status windows that was open in step 5. Right click the line with move [eax+0x8] in it and select "Show this address in the disassembler". Refer to the diagram if needed.

Step 7:
Next, the Memory Viewer window will come up as shown. The line in question should be at the top. This is a tad tricky. Go back to the window that opened up before, its labeled "The following Opcodes changed the selected ..." and click stop, then close that window. You can also close that small window called "created processes". At this point you should only have the main Cheat Engine window open, and the Memory Viewer window. Refer to the diagram if needed.

Step 8:
Next go back to the Memory Viewer window and Right Click that line at the top and select "Change register at this location". Here is a pic of it. In the next window select "EDI" and type the max value of influence (in hex this time) you can get in the area / zone you are in. I usually check the tomb, and it will tell you that you need xxxxx amount of influence to get the elite reward.
Let's say you have 200 influence, and you need 11000 more to get the elite reward. Type in 2BC0 (which is 11200 in hex. A quick way to get the hex value of a number is do a google search for What is 11200 in hex),, because that is the max amount of influence that area needs / allows. Do not type in 11000, assuming thats all you need considering you have 200, thats not how this works. Always assume you have 0 influence when entering in this EDI number.
Make sure the box is checked next to EDI also. Here is a picture of this step.

Step 9:
Go back to the game and get more influence. The minute you do, you should now have max influence for that area.

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3 Responses to Warhammer: Get any Influence item using Cheat Engine – NERFED

  1. Brokin says:

    Seems to be broken after todays patch. you can get the inf but cannot obtain the items….

  2. screwed says:

    Doubly-confirmed – I just got a permanent ban for attempting this after the patch too.

    Policy: Prohibited Conduct [clauses: 13,14,16] (3rd Party Program Use)
    Account: …
    Time: …

    This account has been issued permanent account Termination.

    Customers were logged and subsequently observed using a 3rd party program to
    gain/attempt to gain items within the game world illegitimately.

    This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Warhammer

  3. nevermore says:

    this will get you a perma ban or anything like it

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