Starcraft 2: GSL Gaming League Finals Season 3, Match 5 of 7

Match 5 of 7 for Starcraft 2's Season 3 Gaming League's Finals. TSL_Rain (Terran) Vs. oGsMC (Protoss). Video courtesy of

Only 2 more matches after this. That last one was a real cheese, but you gotta be ready for everything! If you want to pick up more strategies, be sure to keep checking back here for more replays, and we also recommend you check out this SC2 Guide. For those of you who haven't watched the previous Season 1 and Season 2 Finals videos, I suggest you also go back and watch those, here on mmoexploiters. Watching what others do in diamond leagues, can help you improve your game as well.

Tip: This is a big video, (this ain't no youtube quality crapola. It's 232mb of high def) - Press play, then pause, so that most of the video can queue, and you will get fewer interruptions.

TIP for VIP Members: You can download this video, using the link at the bottom of this page.

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