WoW: How to make gold selling TCG Loot cards in game

In WoW, there are some items which can only be purchased out of the game either on the Blizzard store, or via Loot cards. There are some of these loot cards which can become virtual gold mines in WoW. Some of these cards cost an arm and a leg, then turn into massive amounts of gold. Others cost less then a few dollars and then can be sold for a few thousand gold.

So which of these cards can you purchase and then sell for gold in game? Well they are usually mounts or critters. It seems that the other items, people don't really care a lot for. Sometimes people will buy them, like a beach chair or foam sword, but really they have no real use in the game, but battle critters or mounts - now that's something else.  There are mounts such as Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and Magic Rooster Egg. Those cards are expensive though, but what about the cheaper loot cards that cost $3-$5?

Much like the previous battle pet farming tip, TCG pets can also be caged and sold to other players. Especially on small realms you're usually the only person selling these items, so it's a good investment. The cheapest Loot Cards cost only $3, and sell for even 20,000 wow gold in the auction house. Some of the pets sell for way more, but are also a great deal more expensive. There's always great deals available when you browse the available loot cards.

Redeeming the code you get from a card and selling the pet is simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill the details.
  3. Go to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.
  4. Choose the correct TCG expansion.
  5. Learn the pet, go to your pet journal and cage the pet.
  6. Sell it or level it up, and then sell for even more!

Here's a random pet loot card from wow tcg loot card store. Most of the pets the banner wants to show are very expensive (But also sell for up to 900k wow gold), but if you visit the site the picture leads to, and click on the "Pet Loot" list on top of the page you go to. Then click "View All Pet Loot" to see the list of cheapest loot cards.

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