Configurable Trove Fishbot Download

Trove FishbotI guess this is probably the first Trove Fishbot. This Trove Fishbot, will allow you to fish in Water, Lava, or Chocolate. There are actually 2 versions of this Fishbot, 32bit and 64bit versions of your OS. You will also have to set some options, my favorite for this is whether or not to keep boots which you fish up. However you can read the instructions below to determine how you want to set it up...

Configurable Trove Fishbot Download

Trove Fishbot Features:

  • Fishing in Water/Lava/Chocolate
  • Auto-Drop of Boots version included
  • Notify pop-up when your inventory is full (good if you're not using auto-drop of boots)
  • Bot configuration: change-able hotkey, different config for each bot
  • Bot statistics

Trove Fishbot Instructions

  1. Download archive from attachment
  2. Unpack archive somewhere on ur HDD
  3. Launch 'My_32bit.exe' (advanced users may run 64bit version) - if you experience problems, run 32bit one.
    • If its first run, configure your bot using the GUI and restart bot
  4. Go to your Trove window, stand up near water, open inventory.
  5. Press your Hotkey to start (default: NumPad7)

Trove Fishbot

Trove Fishbot Configuration

Trove FishbotHotkeyToStart - Any hotkey u want to use to start the bot (list below)
HotkeyToStop - Any hotkey u want to use to stop the bot
Auto-Drop Boots - Switch On/Off Dropping boots (trove window needs to be active), 1 - On, 0 - Off
Auto-Drop Type - Not fully implemented, to do in next version
Full Inv Notify - Switch On/Off Notify when Inventory is full or Out of lures, 1 - On, 0 - Off

Available Hotkeys

Things might not work right if you try to use a hotkey not mentioned here...

CapsLock, Space, Tab, Enter, Escape, Backspace, ScrollLock, Delete, Insert, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Numpad0, NumpadIns, Numpad1, NumpadEnd, Numpad2, NumpadDown, Numpad3, NumpadPgDn, Numpad4, NumpadLeft, Numpad5, NumpadClear, Numpad6, NumpadRight, Numpad7, NumpadHome, Numpad8, NumpadUp, Numpad9, NumpadPgUp, NumpadDot, NumpadDel, NumpadDiv, NumpadMult, NumpadAdd, NumpadSub, NumpadEnter, F1 - F12

Trove Fishbot FAQ

Q: Dropping boots doesn't work for me!
A: Be sure to check some things. You need to have graphic settings to HIGH (next version will add ability to change it), DO NOT change size of the window after bot will resize it. Don't forget also to have Trove Window activated (not minimized, nor in background)

Q: Dropping boots works, but FishBot doesn't cast fish?
A: I have no idea what's going on, but you can try Uninstalling Auto-Hotkey. Some users said that was helpful for them.

Q: Nothing happens when I press a HotKey after launching the Trove Fishbot.
A: Did you configure your HotKeys correctly (see above)? Spell-check the hotkey, and verify if it is in my List of hotkeys. This Trove Fishbot was made and tested on win7 64bit and there it should work. I have not yet tested it on Windows 10, nor will it run on Mac.

Trove Fishbot Notes:

  • If you use version WITH auto-drop of boots, you must have WINDOWED settings. DO NOT change your resolution after launching the bot.
  • Auto-Drop of boots works only when Trove window is in Foreground (cant be minimized, nor behind other windows)
  • Press your desired hotkey (default: NumPad9) to Force-Close the bot (must press while Trove is active)
  • To run bot multiple times, just copy-paste the version you want to use, and launch it a second time (DO NOT launch all bots at once, without activating them with your StartButton first).


Non-VIP Download | Guide: How to Bypass Surveys to download files

VIP Members Download (password - see below)



  1. updated the link, and changed hosts. I have never had that password to download from that host happen before.

  2. just a quick question, does this mod have missing files?
    cause the .ini dosent have any previous pointers in it.
    and ive added in the one you update.
    but during fishing it dosent reel back. only until 45sec passes.

    fish usually only take between 20-35 sec for me.

    so this bot turn out to be invalid. Dev please review on it. hope im wrong and get a working one.

  3. Please delete the old ini file and run again. That should update it for you.

    If not, change just first value (the one before first ‘+’ sign). Example…

    If this doesn’t work for you, I will put up another Trove Fishbot for you.

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