Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Tutorial

Here's a tutorial on Finding Trove Fishing Pointers. This works for any fishbot created for Trove, which allows you to manually enter in the fishing pointer address. A correct Trove Fishing Pointer should look like 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c.


Finding Trove Fishing Pointers Instructions

To start, you will need the following;

  1. We start with Cheat Engine. 
  2. Start Trove.
  3. Attach Cheat Engine to the Trove Process
  4. Now do the following:
    • Set scan value to 1
    • Start fishing in water
    • finding-trove-fishing-pointersWhile lure is shaking, scan on CE
    • Set value as 0
    • Scan
    • Repeat
  5. You should have at least 1 address left. If you don't, then you will need to start over and try again.
  6. The first address is often the correct one.
  7. Pointer scan for this address (max level : 4)
  8. Now repeat from step 2 to 5 and filter the scan
  9. Get the one with correct offsets : 0x8+0xb4+0x28+0x22c (this may be different then what you found, it's only an example)
  10. Take the address, and enter it into your configurable Trove Fish Bot

Now repeat the steps when fishing in Chocolate or Lava!

The first couple times you go about Finding Trove Fishing Pointers, it might be a bit difficult, but after a short time you should be able to do it without referencing this tutorial. 

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