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Nippys Fishbot for Trove now includes an auto updater for Pointers. How cool is that? No more hoping that the latest version will work with the newest patch. Simply press F5 with Nippys Fishbot open, and BAM it's updated and ready to go.

Planning on running this on 2 clients at the same time? It's been updated to work on both of them (or more), whereas before if you got a bite, both would reel in, now only the proper one will (see screenshot below - 4 clients running all at once!). Want to drop boots automatically? That's working as intended now too. No more need for a separate script.

Nippys Fishbot

Nippys Fishbot

Nippys Fishbot Features:

  • The bot will work with more then one client. No need to run more then one exe for each client.
  • More efficient at scanning memory. It wont try and scan all 3 types of liquids only the type of which it started fishing in first.
  • It checks to see if you have a lure in the water between 8 and 11seconds or more then 45seconds after cast. No need to wait the 40 to 45 seconds like most bots to tell the user it is not fishing.
  • Memory scan wont start till the lure has been in the water for more then 12 seconds. This saves on cpu usage with the bot it self.
  • Better error handling. Meaning it should not cast for no reason and waste lures.
  • No more loops for main thread. So you can stop and start with out having to reload the fishing bot it self.
  • Open source. I do not care if others have the source. But just remember to give credit where credit is due.
  • Window title change. With info of the pID of that client and if it is fishing or not.
  • There are others but can't seem to think of anymore atm I will fill it in as the come in.
  • Built in boot drop. It now has it.
  • Various options you can now config to tweak it.
  • Auto afk/Close client if the bot detects it stops fishing
  • Multi-Client afk system.
  • Bootdrop and Decon. With slot selection to pick which slots to ignore.
  • Easy updating poitners with the push of a button if there updated on file.
  • Custom hotkeys

Nippys Fishbot Changelog (since last version):

Fixed a issue that would cause bot to reelin 2nd client if not fishing same liquid type.
Added some backend stuff for debugging some things. It does not display much yet. But can be used for more backend stuff to be displayed.

Version 1.4.8
New bootdrop script.
General fixes.

Download Nippys Fishbot

VIP Member Download (password)

Nippy's Trove Fish Bot FAQ

What is the current offset pointer?

You can either find it yourself, using the guide here - which removes your reliance on this website. Or you can share this post on Social Media, and get it for free, below.

When will you update the pointer?

We normally update within a day or two, but the update can also occur within a week of there being a patch (we also constantly update other bots/programs and each gets updated in due course).

Can I get the pointer without sharing?

Only if you find it yourself. Otherwise, sharing it just once will open the address for you, as long as you have your cookie for this website.

My Boot Drop stopped working. My bot no longer fishes. Can you help?

Just update the pointer address in config, and it will start working again.

So where is Nippy's Trove Fish Bot fishing Pointer?

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