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Nippys Trove Fish Bot has been updated. What is it? Nippys Trove Fishbot is the only bot for Trove which is free and will fish in all kinds of liquids in multiple windows, while you are AFK. Each time there is an update to the game, it breaks the Fishbot. Not to worry though, you can scroll to the bottom of this post and get the new offsets and the new pointers for the various liquids as needed.

Nippys Trove Fish Bot

Nippys Trove Fish Bot v1.4.9 Changelog

  • Fishbot:
    Added resizing of the client window.
    Added Wednesday reminder that you might need to adjust fishing start time on launch.
    Also updated autohotkey install thats in the folder.

  • Bootdrop:
    Corrected the oldboot confirm image. I made it look for less pixels should solve the problem unless they change the font on me.

Nippys Trove Fish Bot Instructions

Downloading and installing Autohotkey

You will need to download and install autohotkey runtimes. I will leave you with 2 options.

Option1: You can go in to the "AutoHotKeyInstaller" folder. Here you will find the Autohotkey version I use.
Option2: You can go to or you can google it. Download Autohotkey from them.

Once you download it just install it. Simply follow the installer to install it.

How to run Nippys Trove Fish Bot

Now that we have autohotkey installed go back to the folder which you extracted the bot to and look for Nippysfishing.ahk. You might not see the .ahk part unless you have it set in folder options to see file extensions of known file types.

From here all you need to do is right click the file and hit "Run as administrator". All this will do is run the bot like you normally would if it was compiled already for you.

You no longer need to compile Nippys Trove Fish Bot. 

Nippy's Trove Fish Bot

How to use Nippys Trove Fish Bot

The default hotkeys for Nippys Trove Fish Bot are as followed unless you change them.

NumberPad1 Start and Stop Single client.
This key will start the Auto Fish for the client in the foreground. The client must be in the foreground for this to work. If the client is already fishing it will reset the counters for that client.

NumerPad3 Stop Single client
This will stop the foremost active window client.

CTRL+NumberPad1 This will start all trove.exe clients at once.
With this hotkey will start every client open at once. Make sure you pointing at what ever liquid type you are fishing. If the cleints are already fishing. It will reset all counters for that client.

CTRL+NumberPad3 Mass Stop of all clients
This will stop all clients from fishing. They will not finish there last cast sorry.

NumberPad* Reload command
If for what ever reason you need to reload the bot. Just use this hotkey. Do not hold this key. If you do it will open alot of the same clients.

NumberPad2 Enable and Disable Anti-AFK on Single client.
Bring the client you wish to toggle this on and off to the foreground and just hit the button. It will say on and off on the gui.

NumberPad5 This will update pointers.
This will bring up a Yes or No window. In side this window it will have a date/Time of your last pointer up date and the date and time of the ones on file. If you wish to use the ones on file hit yes.

GUI Buttons and what they do

  • To Start Single Client. Select the Client from the list. Hit Start/Restart Selected Client
  • To Stop Single Client. Select the Client from the list. Hit Stop Selected Client
  • To Start All Clients. Just the Start/Restart All Clients Button.
  • To Stop All Clients. Just hit the Stop All Clients button.
  • To wipe out all Client Data hit the Wipe all clients Data. This will remove them from the list and the active scan will pick them back up as if the client was just started.
  • To bring the client to the foreground. Just Select the Client on the list. Then hit the button Bring selected client to foreground.
  • To config the bot hit the Config button.(There is not much to config so I left this as a place holder. For when the config is needed.)
  • If you like what you see and like to help make me want to keep releasing updates hit the donate button.

Config GUI

In side this GUI you will see options for various things you can tweak.

Here you also can enable the boot drop. There are 3 ways to trigger the boot drop. You might not need all 3 but you can use all 3. Just tweak the settings till you get it how you like. Also there is a Ignore slot config screen. Just hit the button in the config. This will bring it up. Just check the slots you wish for it to ignore.

Notes about bootdrop. You need to be in windowed mode for this to work.

How to do custom hotkeys

To access this menu its under Config/Custom Hotkeys button at the bottom.
In side this there is a way to set custom hotkeys. To set Custom Hotkeys just click on the edit box and press the hotkey you wish to you. You can also use modifyers like CTRL,ALT,Shift if you like. Just hold down what you want then press the key.

If Nippys Trove Fish Bot detects that is is not fishing a screen will come up with the pID. You can then just click that screen to stop that client from fishing. it will bring that window to the foreground so you know which one it is if running alot. Some times the bot might glitch and not cast so you can ignore the first one you see. But if it comes up over and over you might want to check it to resolve the issue it is having.
If you wish to fish in a new liquid type just stop the bot on that client and then start it up again facing the new liquid type.

How to use the bootdrop/decon fuctions

Put a loot collector under the water. Hit E while facing it to open that loot collector screen. Do not hit b to open bag other wise the loot collect will not work. With that setup done just start the bot up like normal.

Known Issues when running Nippys Trove Fish Bot for the first time

If you see a error about voice or something along those lines. You will need to install the microsoft SDK for it to work.
You can get that here:

Known issues with Nippys Trove Fish Bot

Once in a while it will say unknown liquid type when fishing.
Please try starting that client again to get it to change to the liquid type.
Reason for that is that you are lagging or the lure you cast did not hit the water before it tried to read the info.
So if you see any other problem please do report them.
If restarting does not help make sure you hit that update button NumberPad5 is default and update to the newst pointers/offsets on file.

Nippys Trove Fish Bot features

  • The bot will work with more then one client. No need to run more then one exe for each client.
  • More efficient at scanning memory. It wont try and scan all 3 types of liquids only the type of which it started fishing in first.
  • It checks to see if you have a lure in the water between 8 and 11seconds or more then 45seconds after cast. No need to wait the 40 to 45 seconds like most bots to tell the user it is not fishing.
  • Memory scan wont start till the lure has been in the water for more then 12 seconds. This saves on cpu usage with the bot it self.
  • Better error handling. Meaning it should not cast for no reason and waste lures.
  • No more loops for main thread. So you can stop and start with out having to reload the fishing bot it self.
  • Open source. I do not care if others have the source. But just remember to give credit where credit is due.
  • Window title change. With info of the pID of that client and if it is fishing or not.
  • There are others but can't seem to think of anymore atm I will fill it in as the come in.
  • Built in boot drop. It now has it.
  • Various options you can now config to tweak it.
  • Auto afk/Close client if the bot detects it stops fishing
  • Multi-Client afk system.
  • Bootdrop and Decon. With slot selection to pick which slots to ignore.
  • Easy updating poitners with the push of a button if there updated on file.
  • Custom hotkeys

Nippys Trove Fish Bot Downloads

Warning: As with all game hacks and cheat tables, it's a good idea not to show off, nor use it around other people who are playing. Don't even tell or show friends, otherwise a ban hammer could hit you.

We recommend the following for anti-detection of game hacks. Run daily on the original downloads!

Now onto the download...

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Nippys Trove Fish Bot FAQ

What is the current offset pointer?

You can either find it yourself, using the guide here - which removes your reliance on this website. Or you can share this post on Social Media, and get it for free, below.

When will you update the pointer?

We normally update within a day or two, but the update can also occur within a week of there being a patch (we also constantly update other bots/programs and each gets updated in due course).

Can I get the pointer without sharing?

Only if you find it yourself. Otherwise, sharing it just once will open the address for you, as long as you have your cookie for this website.

My Boot Drop stopped working. My bot no longer fishes. Can you help?

Just update the pointer address in config, and it will start working again.

So where is Nippys Trove Fish Bot fishing Pointer?

Updated September 2017! Includes Pointers and various offsets for different liquids.
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8 Responses to Nippys Trove Fish Bot with Offsets – Free Download

  1. YourMother says:

    “Nippy’s Trove Fishbot is the only bot for Trove which is free”…. yes of course…. if the download need complete a survey, that mean isnt free, nly “VIP” member can direct download nad only if they use the encryp key, you are saying lies from the start of the post

  2. Spitt says:

    Some of the surveys are free, which makes the download free. Plenty of people have downloaded it for free. I tried per file paid downloads, as an option. After listing 20 popular files, with no one willing to pony up 99 cents for a download, I dropped it.

    With AdBlocker running rampant, it’s nigh impossible to make money even with 2k-3k visitors a day (ends up being around $35 a month – which in no way can cover the server fees). So you can pay for access, or you can do a survey. Your choice.

  3. Azanno says:

    I don’t know why but it always says unknown type of liquid even if i update the pointers ! So it doesn’t work for me saddly ! Also auto update doesn’t change anything ! can you help me ?

  4. Spitt says:

    You will have to find them manually then. Please read this guide to updating fishing pointers. It should get you through to where you can find and update them quickly. If you want to post your findings in this thread for others, you can do that as well.

  5. Azanno says:

    Well i did it following this guide but i have one question : how do we know wich offset we have to take ? i have more than 4000 values so wich one do i take ?
    I have the pointer scan filtered but there is too many values and i don’t know wich one to take ! The first one doesn’t work and i tried a couple others everywhere inside …

  6. Azanno says:

    I finally did it ^^ I just had to order my path to start with one beginning by 8 as the first offset !
    It works perfectly fine with those values :
    works the : 15/12/2016

  7. Spitt says:

    I am glad you got it to work. I have been in/out for the last few days due to a family emergency – apologies on that! But now, knowing this, you no longer need to rely on others to find the pointers for you.

  8. Spitt says:

    Just start the script go to options copy paste the pointer above click save and close config, close the script and restart it, start Trove press 1 on numpad while facing water/choco/lava and it should work. Also be sure not to press Numpad 5 and check that you have the latest version of Nippys fishing bot (v1.4.9). Make sure the game is running in Windowed mode. Check that you have lures in your inventory and that your inventory is not full. Also try to fish by just pressing F. It may or may not work.

    There is a possibility that if you are still having problems, that Trove might have changed your client. Blizz did that with WoW players, and caught thousands of suspected botters. The above pointer works for most people, if you have a problem with it, after trying those steps, then if might be time for you to try this guide – which will teach you how to find them yourself.

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