Trove Autolooter – AHK Script

The Trove Autolooter is a simple program which will automatically pick up loot for you while questing or fighting in dungeons. It's a good way to make sure you don't miss any loot, and also not have to manually chase after it.

Trove Autolooter

Trove AutolooterNoteThis won't work if you renamed Trove's window. We know that some launchers will do this automatically.

Trove Autolooter Instructions:

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey
  2. Copy the code below, and edit using the instructions at the bottom.
  3. Save the file as name.ahk.
  4. Open the file, with AHK and then click on the Trove window.
  5. Press Numpad8 To start/stop on the active window.
  6. Press Numpad9 to exit.

Trove Autolooter Script Hacks

To change the amount of time between 2 keypresses, change TIME by the amount you want (in ms):

SetTimer, SendControls, TIME

To change the time 'e' is held, change it here:

Random, r, MIN, MAX

credit to mpmoi for the script

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