Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool

The Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool will allow you to take health potions when needed, so that you don't need to do so. Basically, you set it up at what ever threshold you want (I recommend 35%), so that you never run out of health - unless a particularly nasty mob slams you down, decimating you in 1-2 hits. The Spam Keys portion of it, will allow you to hold down a mouse button, which will automatically spam a set of skills for you.

Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool

Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool Features: Skill assists for the following classes.

  • Lunar Lancer
    Will spam the "1" key while holding left click when toggled on. If you press and hold Q it will health pot. If you hold 2 it will try and put down your spear.
  • Ice Sage
    While holding left click it will spam your right click skill. Along with using the shield every 6 to 7 secs.
  • Dracolyte
    While holding left click it will use your minions special every few secs along with dropping a bomb at the same time.
    If you see other classes that need to be on this list please request it other wise I might over look it.

Trove Autopot & Spam Keys ToolAutoFlask Feature at set percent of health left.
On screen overlay for knowing if the toggle is on or off (Must be in windowed mode for this to work).

Jump ship by pressing left alt if enabled. Just hit it once per jump. It will take practice but once you get it you will move really fast.
You can use Ctrl+Space to toggle this on and off as needed.

How to use Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool:
To use the class feature, First open it up. Then Select which class you wish to use. Go in game then toggle it on. To toggle it on, hit the toggle hotkey. Then to toggle it off, hit the toggle hotkey again.

To use it, just hold down the left click. The Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool will do the rest for the class you have selected. If you want to change classes just change the class you wish to change to, on the class selection.

If you change the hotkey for toggle, make sure to hit the reload button after you change it to what you wish.

How to use the Trove Autopot: First enable and disable it by using the checkbox.
Checked = ON 
Unchecked = OFF

Go in game then go back to it. Make sure the health is updating to your health, if it is it is working correctly. From here use the slider to set the percent of health you wish for it to auto flask at. I personally like around 35-50% as flasks I use are only 20 to 40%. If for whatever reason your health always says 0 this is due to the pointer being out of date. Check back in this thread of latest posts by me to see if I have updated it, or leave a comment at the bottom of this thread in the comments section.

The buttons on the Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool are not hard to figure out. The save settings to save all settings. Reload to reload the whole thing. and Save and Exit to close it out.

Known Issues:
Due to the way trove handles HP the memory address changes from zone to zone. So If you find your self with the health pot not reading the correct hp just leave the zone and go back. It should fix it self.

Any other questions or requests feel free to share below.

The Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool, was written with AutoHotKey a free scripting tool. You do not need to download AHK to use this Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool.

Download Trove Autopot & Spam Keys Tool

Download File (VIP Password Protected): Click Here

Mirrors (No Password Required): #1 | #2#3

To open VIP Password Protected file, use 7zip to open, and use the following password to extract files: 

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