Trove Passive Fishbot

This Trove Passive Fishbot doesn't have any fancy bootdrop or destroy and loot-collecting. It's meant to be for a quick botting session only - Grab a smoke, lunch, bathroom break, etc. It works well and is really useful if you want to fish while you are at the computer. It supports multiple accounts. It's purpose is to be a light and fast bot. No hotkeys. No setup needed.

Trove Passive Fishbot

Trove Passive Fishbot

This Trove Passive Fishbot was created in AutoHotKey, which you will need to have installed prior to running this script. You will simply download the script below and place it in AHK or download it and run it (assuming AHK is already installed).

  • You can check PTS if you want to fish on it
  • Press F on some water/lava/chocolate
  • You can start it on as many accounts as you need
  • If you want it to stop fishing just early reel the fishing rod (before a fish comes)
  • To close the bot simply close the tray icon !

Updating Trove Passive Fishbot Pointers :

This version should self-update pointers, however you can use the ones from Nippy's or you can find them yourself if this Trove Passive Fishbot doesn't find them automatically. Here is a tutorial for finding pointers. Edit the config file in the same directory as the .ahk file. Then restart the script.

Download Trove Passive Fishbot

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Trove Passive Fishbot Notes :

  • This Trove Passive Fishbot won't work if you renamed Trove's window (Some account launchers are doing that). If so, you will need to enter that into the config file.
  • People seems to have hurdles on non-english versions. Find your own pointers, and edit the config to work on your system.
  • Your fishing hotkey must be 'F'. If it's not, then update your keybinds or edit the script.

All credit to mpmoi for the Trove Passive Fishbot

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  1. Spitt says:

    update 06 Jan 2017: *0x00CCE5E8*

  2. Spitt says:

    new pointer : 0x00CD3228

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