Free Desktop Games

No, this isn't about MMO's, but rather desktop games.  You know, the little ones like bejeweled, or simulators, those kinds of things.

Game House, has a free promotion going, where they are giving away 3 free classic games; Bounce, 4 Elements, and Little Shop of Treasures.  It says the offer expires on Oct 30th, or until supplies last.  There must be more supplies though, since I just downloaded and activated all three of them. Get them here - You will need to get them one at a time though.

Additionally, you can get some more free games, but it ends this weekend.  Get them here.  They include a tram and motorcycle simulator, a futuristic basketball game called Jetball, A space orientated platform game called Helillom Planet and an unusual RPG done in the style of a old comic book.

Figure these games will be gone by this weekend, so get em now.

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    Nice find Spitt

    I put it in my game fence with pogo, greatdaygames, addictinggames…

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