Game Booster Software

Over the years, I have used numerous softwares to keep my computers running at peak performance for gaming, including the use of Game Booster Software. What is Game Booster Software? It's software which will temporarily close un-needed services, programs, and other non-essential crap like themes and print drivers.

This in turn allows games to run faster. I used to use IOBit's Game Booster Software, then they rebranded and became Razer's Game Booster Software, and then it became bloatware. I hate bloatware. It then became time to find something else.

Game Booster Software

Like I said I was using Razer's Game Booster Software, but it just became so bloated with them trying to sell me games and bundling their other softwares within such as chat software, video recording, etc. Razer was just too big and too annoying.

As far as Game Booster Software goes, I prefer to use something simple and streamlined. However finding an alternative wasn't as easy as I though it was going to be. I found more rebranding. I found more bundled softwares. I even found PUPs and toolbars bundled with "clean" software.

And then I found Jet Boost. Jet Boost is exactly what I was looking for. In fact it is exactly what you are looking for, if you read this far. It only does boosting, to give you the most ram available for your system.

Before I used Jet Boost, I even ran a caching program, a program to manage my cache for me, to act as a disk swap. For gaming, that kind of program doesn't really work well. But Game Booster Software like Jet Boost takes gaming to a whole new level. Instead of taking your old system to the junk dealer, put Jet Boost on it, run it, and see if you can't now run some of your favorite games. It won't help if you graphix card is too old, but if your problem is not enough memory, then you might be surprised at how well it works.

Click to Download Jet Boost - It's free to download, free to use, no added adverts.

JetBlue Game Booster Software


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