Lord of the Rings: Temporary Legacy Boost Trick

NOTE: This exploit has been reported fixed as of Patch 1, SoM.

This will allow you to double your legacy weapons. It's a temporary boost, which will be disabled if you crash, get booted, or the servers go down for a patch, hot fix, or maintenance. However this is on original exploit, which is only known to a very few select people. Will you be one of them? Read more...


  1. Since you can have both weapon and class item at level 46, I was thinking of other locations that met the three parameters

    rez circle
    method of death
    supplier/provisioner/healer to repair at

    in close proximity

    in Trollshaws there is a rez circle by the bridge as you enter and Barachen’s Camp is right near by, can attract boars or cave claws to kill you

    In Angmar the rez circle is at base of ramp to Gabilshathur, orc fort right near by or worms will argo

    In Lothlorien with Echad Andestol, and Mekhem-Bizru relatively close with many orc camps nearby

    I.m sure there are many areas to be found in Moria, but 3 65’s and less than two hours in that hell hole combined for all three…. so I couldn’t recommend any

    I was wondering though, since the system makes an announcement in chat at everyone’s incapacitation, tracking an excess of deaths would be easy for turbine to monitor and red flag say more than ten deaths per hour….

  2. Well, with all the hype about this exploit it’s darn sure that the GM are monitoring any and excessive dying rituals. Especially if its a lvl 60+ character.

  3. I would like to say yah on that, but I remember my first mmo, and the days of dying on average of 10 times per level – and that was at higher levels even. Now, I level and it’s 10 times all the way up. But you have to think, how many people die constantly, playing the game anyways. It would be difficult to track.

  4. It is checked up, works) But many rolls are necessary. Does anyone know information about exploit in Tuckborough (SM exploit)?

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