Free2Play: Mike Oldfield’s Tr3s Lunas and Maestro

Maestro and Tr3s Luna may be the most unusual games out there. Some have compared them to Myst... The games were created and programed by Mike Oldfield with a small staff. Mike Oldfield is the composer/multi-instrumentalist [aprox 30 instruments at Tubular Bells and close to 60 for Amarok] of Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Omnadawn and other music.

His early success with Tubular Bells in 1973 gave him the financial freedom to pursue using computers in the recording process and making videos (himself) his love of making and flying model airplanes led to his getting fixed wing and rotary wing pilots licenses...

I read that Mike invested 25 million in the development of Tr3s Lunas and Maestro to build the virtual world HE wanted to explore.Ā  The games were originally released with music; one disc music one disc game, then were downloadable for a fee, but now are free.

Just for a short clip of his musicianship and the inane questions asked by TV interviewers...

Female ditz: You can HEAR the orchestration in that

MO: CAN you??

Tr3s Lunas description

In 2002, Mike Oldfield decided to expand his artistic horizons and create a computer game that used his music as a foundation. He named the project MusicVR and Tres Lunas is the first installment in this endeavor. Tres Lunas fuses Oldfield's music with surrealistic images to create a sort of dream world for the player to wander through. The player can find and collect up to seven golden rings, but this is not really the goal. The real goal is simply to explore and discover. While playing, the player will encounter various creatures, people and objects. Some are helpful and some are a hindrance but none are dangerous or malicious.

download Tr3s Lunas


Screenshot of Maestro showing statue on mountain

A silver statue stands on top of an icy mountain, overlooking the sea. From here we can see flocks of birds, a plane slowly crossing the blue sky and the lush green forest in the foothills. The music is peaceful and calming. My glider is floating on the breeze and Mike Oldfield is flying a spacecraft. "This is chillout 1," he says.

He throws me a medal. I either need to find another 23 to complete the game or need to collect four Gravitars and bring them to the Gravitar pen. The ability for players to give away medals can prove decisive - if you try to enter the final level with 25 medals instead of 24, you'll be sent to the start.

Winners - called Maestros - are rewarded with access to a room containing music only available there, which was described by early winner Fred as 'upbeat, sad, energetic and restful' on Mike Oldfield's messageboard. While there can be only one Maestro per game, the Maestro can invite other players into the winner's room.

It's this spirit of cooperation and teamplay that sets this game apart from many others. There is a messaging facility so that players can help each other solve the puzzles, explore together or just use the game as an attractive chat environment. Mike is often on-hand to offer gentle hints and encouragement. If you want to play with a select group, you can use your computer as a private game server.

To be seen by other players, you have to pilot an avatar, such as a glider or plane. The controls can be frustrating at times and the inability to look around without moving is irritating, but there's no pressure and time spent learning to fly is a good investment.

Screenshot of the maze

A mind-warping maze in Maestro

Apart from a dastardly maze, the puzzles aren't easy to spot. The game is about exploring how you can interact with objects and the different environments available. It's not a game for arcade addicts. Players who race through the worlds are likely to miss important details and skip some of the music and animation sequences.

The game is set on a spaceship which frames a variety of abstract worlds. We swam with the fishes, flew with the birds and danced with the jigsaw pieces. We watched an army of robots march past and met a lonely one-eyed man on a beach. As we flew around, music would catch our ear and help us to home in on new surprises.

For some people, the game will seem too safe. There's no real danger, no violence and no explosions. Others will see the beauty of this and delight in the sights and sounds as they make new friends exploring Maestro.

Download Maestro

Forum for Maestro, and Tr3s Lunas with guides, and help;c=16

General map of Tr3s Lunas main features

Maps for Maestro
There are several maps available to help you find your way around Maestro. To see them, click the links below:

1. General map of the spaceship.
This is the most important map. It shows how to find your way around those bewildering passageways, how to get to the portals that take you to other worlds, and how many medals are needed to pass through each portal.

2. Map of the Hall of Tunnels.
This identifies the entrance to each of the tunnels and explains where they lead.

3. Map of Terrain (Dinosaur World).
Shows the main features of the landscape and the location of the three sets of acrobats.
[Provided by The Thin Man]

4. Map of the Hedge Maze in Terrain.
[Provided by The Thin Man]

5. Map of the seven portals in Castle World.
This shows where where they lead. [Based on info provided by Gary1eye]

6. Layout of the Ship exterior
[Provided by olracUK]

7. Map of the Tubular Bells Caverns.
This shows the main route through the caverns, the location of the collectible bells, and other significant places.
[Provided by a.r. schultz]


The learning curve is rather steep for both games learning the movements, it is suggested to spend several HOURS...

but they are unique and can be gotten off and on quickly if you want to DO something but are a bit out of sorts with your current game

7 Responses to Free2Play: Mike Oldfield’s Tr3s Lunas and Maestro

  1. Spitt says:

    Damn, haven’t heard guitar playing like that in a long time. Thanks for the share.

  2. TomRiddle says:

    Mike Oldfield while thought of as a keyboardist from the exorcist days (tubular bells) considers himself a guitarist. His unique wavering tremolo violin (which he also plays) sound from his electric guitar is done by his muting every other string that is not being played at that moment
    *note just this week on the 2010 Oscar tribute to horror films was the exorcist theme again

    his trademark is that he plays records engineers his music with most additions being vocalists, on his studio work although he does use musicians for some of the African percussion and Celtic/Gaelic instruments, he basically overdubs his music not like Les Paul but in a layering effect

    his creating the kids show Blue Peter theme song

    the thirty year anniversary of tubular bells had the latest version being premiered live in London which he has left earlier for tax reasons but currently for not being allowed to smoke his roll me own (tobacco) cigarettes it shows how many musicians it takes to re-create what he usually plays by himself and his guitar sound (a bit more strident than usual)

    I have really liked his music since 1973 and having a local record shop that carried Melody Maker and a large selection of British imports I was able to track his career when I am grinding in Lotro, I go to youtube choose which playlist (a string of videos) I want and off we go although I almost always switch to the videos for the good bits:)

  3. Spitt says:

    The Tubular bells one, kind of reminds me of New Age which I enjoyed more as a kid. In either case, I converted the video to mp3, and re-uploaded for those of you who enjoy the song and want a copy of it.

    Enjoy šŸ˜‰

  4. TomRiddle says:

    So what will convert youtube videos to mp3 format 1AV capture, vlc?

    what steps are needed?

    It would be great to convert much of his library to mp3….

  5. CJJC says:

    Anne Diamond. Never knowingly underdumb. Actually, it’s clear what she means, she just uses an inappropriate word to describe it.

  6. Spitt says:

    It’s actually really easy to convert them, using this program –
    Just download the whole bundle.

    All you need to do is open the YouTube convert to MP3 program, copy the link for the video you want, then paste it into the converter. Copy as many as you want in fact, and convert them in a batch. The program does it all for you.

    All I ask, even though I am not the author, is donate to them, if you like the program.

    I use it to do a lot more then rip YouTube videos, including burning DVDs, ripping CDs, cropping videos and mp3s, etc. One of the best “donation ware” programs out there. Used in conjunction with dvd43 and dvdshrink, it’s a pretty good dvd ripper as well.

  7. TomRiddle says:

    She wasn’t actually as bad as the male moron who asked brightly

    this is an ACCOUSTIC guitar, isnt it?

    MO lifts guitat away from lap and twirls guitar to show that there are no power cords, knobs or any other attachments oh yeah

    male moron pontificates Good Man….

    anyway talking about Mike Oldfield got me off my duff to do something I had been envisioning for about half a year and that was to collect a video for every Mike Oldfield song and then ultimately make a playlist for every album

    it took almost the whole weekend, over 18 hours, and I’ll share it here:

    btw the video mentioned in the embedded good morning Britain video above was which for the late ’80’s did things that Anne Diamond? said their TV studio couldn’t duplicate the effects…the link above also includes a documentary of Mike Oldfields video studio

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