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I found a long time ago a pay site that had a 3.99 a month fee, well that isn't bad so I joined found like one post out of 50 that had any info I didnt know already, shoot as is often the case most of the posts were copy and pastes of my own prolific output... ANYWAY they had a _great_ arcade so when my month expired, (I had already canceled two weeks in advance to try and make sure there were no automatic re-charges to my paypal, (I ended sub there too)

But I missed their arcade so after days of searching I found http://www.wnypoker.com/forums/ and they had a plethora of word games, comboling, etc I was in heaven:)

the only fee was to post in their forums, which I made a one sentence reply... I decided to make a more lasting statement and compiled the biggest list of poker movies I have ever seen http://www.wnypoker.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26811

Rounders, Deal, The Stu Unger Story, Shade etc had all got me interested in the (then) burgeoning Texas hold em craze so when I just saw _this_ article How We Learned to Cheat at Online Poker: A Study in Software Security http://www.cigital.com/papers/download/developer_gambling.php it made for an interesting read even though it was WAY above my head in the programming, algorithms stuff... but I thought it might interest some here

oh btw the poker sites arcade changed 🙁 and 23 of the 25 games that lured me there are gone, took 7 game sites to replace that one, and in my movie thread, the two main movie sites have changed hands several times invalidating those links but not the ones to the Independent Movie Data Base http://www.imdb.com/ A really great site if you watch movies free or (shudders) pay for them...

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