Quick WoW Gold Method

Quick WoW Gold MethodThis Quick WoW Gold Method, comes via the newest patch to WoW. It can easily net you some tens of thousands of gold, but as more and more people learn of it, the less this Quick WoW Gold Method will be valued. So make your gold now...

Quick WoW Gold Method

So to explain this Quick WoW Gold Method, let me say that you will be farming a few items, and then listing them on the AH for others to buy. It's best to not flood the market, thus making it seem as though the items are more rare and harder to achieve. So if you do list these items, try to make sure you use an alt or mule to list the items, with no more then 2-3 listed at a time.

Please note that the price will depend on the server. The most these items I have seen listed for, is about 25k gold, the least on high pop servers, was about 5k WoW gold.

Quick WoW Gold Method Instructions

Quick WoW Gold Method Bonus Tip: If you see these items on another server for more gold, you can server transfer an alt, with several of them to that server. While it may seem counter intuitive, it's a way to make gold quickly, which you can then use to purchase other items to bring back, or even sell the gold to a gold seller, allowing you to make back the costs and then some.

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