Starcraft 2: Battlecruiser Rush build order

This is strictly the way I've been doing a pure Battlecruiser rush. I will later address different ways to add your own style.

Build Order

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  • 10 Depot
  • 12 Barracks
  • 13 Gas
  • 15 OC
  • 16 Depot

That's all I know for food counts.

  • Constant marines
  • Constant SCVs
  • Depots when needed
  • Factory at 100 gas
  • Start second gas at 50% of factory
  • Also at 50% of factory, bunker at choke (or you'll die)
  • 100% of factory -> Start Starport. You can send Factory to scout.
  • 100% of Starport -> Start Fusion Core and a second Barracks
  • 40/65 Seconds on Fusion Core (About 2/3 done), start Tech Lab on Starport

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You know what happens next, right? No?


When your Battlecruiser finishes, take it with all your marines and a shitload of SCVs (I leave 6 on gas and 6 on minerals. Seems to be able to support 2 racks making Marines + Battlecruiser reinforcements, if you keep muling and stop making SCVs)

Set your SCVs to auto-repair so that your Battlecruiser is invincible

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