Today’s Amazon Prime Deals for Gamers

Today's Amazon Prime Day Deals for Gamers is here

Amazon Prime Day is comingGo ahead and get a 30 day free trial (click here) - you can cancel it afterwards. Then get any of the following games or hardware at a discount - with free shipping! If you've already done your free 30 day trial, then you won't be eligible for a free trial, but thats not a big deal, since the savings far out-weighs the cost. Go ahead and get started on your own Amazon Prime account today.

Please note that these Amazon Prime Deals listed, are only for gamers. There are so many more deals for other categories, and to be honest, I didn't list all of the gaming deals. I listed about 75% of the gamers Amazon Prime Deals, because some of it was either really old or not relevant. If you want to see the other deals, click here. Just about every category is listed and may have something you are looking for.

One other thing, I highlighted a few items, which are on my wishlist (and maybe yours too). As far as mice go for computers, look for one which is programmable with many buttons. Headsets should completely cover the ears, and noise cancellation is a plus.

Computer Hardware Amazon Prime Day Deals

PS4 Amazon Prime Day Deals

 Xbox One Amazon Prime Day Deals


While you're at it, why not pick up a new TV to plug your shiny new console into?

 TV Amazon Prime Day Deals

Other Gaming Amazon Prime Day Deals

Hopefully this list of the Today's Amazon Prime Deals for Gamers comes in handy. Let us know in  the comments below of anything we missed.

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