World of Warcraft: Complete list of enchantments

If you are like me, you have probably looked at wow-heroes often, to see what will get you a better score for PvE.  The problem is, they pretty much generalize what they think is best for you... and maybe for max dps, they are right.  However, I am a PvP player, and what they recommend doesn't really go well with my rogue.  I play my rogue as a Combat spec, opportunistic killer.  He will hide, till he thinks you are alone or vulnerable, then dispatch you.  If you get him far down on health, he will quickly leave the fight - he's very good at that, with his glyphs helping to evade the enemy.

Here's a site, which will help you determine exactly what enchantments you might want... like for my dual wielding Rogue... Blood Draining and Lifeward.  Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of cheating death... again, when your enemy thinks he has you, and you suddenly double proc another 700 health, allowing you to leave the fight and survive.

You can find a full list of enchants over at Chordian's

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