World of Warcraft: Shadow Priest Leveling Exploit 33-42

At level 33, you can get a quest, called The Burning of Spirits, in Desolace.  This quest will give you a quest object called the Burning Gem.  You use the gem, to burn away the souls of Burning Blade members in Desolace.  What makes this a unique opportunity for Shadow Priests, is that they have an ability called Vampiric Embrace, which will allow them to receive 25% health back, from the damage they cause.  Additionally, If you use the talent, Improved Vampiric Embrace, then you can increase this health to 67% of the damage caused.

Now the great part about hunting the Burning Blade mobs, is that this gem, produces shadow damage, with no mana used.  Each hit of the gem, will give +22 health, at 2/2 Improved Vampiric Embrace.  This makes for an easy way to kill mobs, and to stay alive, yet still have plenty of mana left over for more mobs or healing.

You can use this as long as you don't turn in the quest.  The highest level mobs in this area that can be affected by this, are level 40.

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