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This is a post, which has nothing to do with mmo's, so if you are looking for info on mmo's, then skip this post.  Instead, this is a post on how and where I get the music, I listen to.  I have to start by saying that, I have not purchased a CD in a very long time.  Thats not to say that I dont have a few, I do.  But I no longer buy the music I listen to. There are too many outlets for obtaining the music I like, for free.


The first and foremost tool I use, is QBittorrent. I use it in conjunction with either or  Some of you will swear by other sites, but these are my 2 favorites.  Demonoid provides a private tracker which has some things not available on other sites.  Additionally, shows many public trackers, but it allows for some serious manipulation of searches, and doesn't come loaded with spyware and trojans, like does, these days.

Edit - Thanks to TomRiddle for reminding me about this: Allow me to remind you to check out how to block unsavory IPs, which will land you in trouble with the DMCA and other protectors of rights. This can be used on most peer 2 peer file sharing programs.

There are tools, which will update your hosts file, or even a torrent program, so that they will keep the fake or record label/movie guys away.

This one is the one for uTorrent, however you can take the file and move to a different location, if you need it for a different torrent program.

My next source for music is beemp3.  This site allows you to search via song, title, or artist.  Usually this site has what I am looking for and will allow me to listen to a track prior to downloading them.  Definitely one of my favorite sites for music.

If I can't find something on the above 2 options, then I goto youtube.  I use a youtube downloader to get the music I like.  For youtube videos, I use a standalone program which is not dependent on a video.  Quality, is usually very good on the music.  I use Free Studio for this.  There is a trick to getting the music, even if it's protected, which is to shorten the url to only what's needed for the song. See the examples below...

  • (before)
  • (after)

Now if a song isn't available, or I want to search for other things the artist has done, I shoot on over to FrostWire.  These days, most people don't use p2p music downloaders, due to all the lawsuits involved, but at long as you limit your time, you are usually safe.  I have never had a problem. Note the similarity in name to Limewire. Frostwire is a full version, for free - with no spyware. I rarely need to use this, but occasionally I want something old school, like a mix.  Thats when I use this.


My last option, is to use Radio Sure. Radio Sure, is an internet radio player, which also allows you to record music.  If you find a radio station which repeats the music every couple hours, then you can record in the block you know, and trim it down with Free Studio.


I hope this helps you to also become music cost free, like me.  If nothing else, it will open some opportunities to listen to more venues. Want to listen to something a bit different? Check out Gangsta Grass - On the Run or Course of Empire's - Infested (Darwin Goodman mix). I am sure you will be able to find them, with the info above.  They are both fusion musics, and interesting to listen to, if you have an open mind.


If you need a music converting program (or for videos), check out Format Factory. You can convert any song or sound to wav, mp3, or ogg (and a few others). It also does videos (perfect for phones), or images.


One last thing... If you are just looking for sounds, and not music, check out The Free Sound Project. The link will take you to one of my favorite relaxation sounds, a severe thunderstorm. There are also other sounds there for you to listen to.

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