Warface EU Game Hack – DETECTED

The Warface EU Game Hack, has the following game hacks, bundled into it: Aim, ESP, AutoShot, Fast Aim, Teleport, as well as a few others. Unfortunately, this is currently only for the EU client of Warface, and not for any others - however some functions may work on others and should be tested - by you!


Warface EU Game Hack - Extrimhack

Warface EU Game Hack Requirements :

  • Net Framework 4.0
  • Directx 9
  • Warface EU Client (no other regions at this time).

Tips to not getting banned :

  1. Check your settings. Test them. If they are too noticeable, then change them up so you don't get caught. 
  2. Learn to NOT twitch when shooting one person after another (your character changes position quickly to another user to shoot at).
  3. If you're using stick figures to see someone, don't shoot them because you can see them through a big thing of hay or through a box. Approach them first, wait a few seconds (so it's not so noticeable you knew where they were) then shoot them.

Warface EU Game Hack Instructions :

  1. Start Warface
  2. Run the game hack
  3. Inject the hack (Sound will notify on injection)
  4. While in-game, click the button functions and play Open / Close menu reads on - End / Home

Download Warface EU Game Hack

NON-VIP Download | Mirror #1 | #2 | #3

VIP Member Download (password)

Warface EU Game Hack

Troubleshooting :

  • Q: Everything is in Cyrillic (Russian), how do I change the language to English?
    To change the language --> The LAST setting in the hack list when the game is loaded and the hack menu should be showing. Click the first settings listing option, then when the secondary list shows, click the first option until you see "AU" which will then give the English version.

Warface EU Game Hack created by Kamikadze

2 Responses to Warface EU Game Hack – DETECTED

  1. Rancoon says:

    Hi,is the “Warface EU Game Hack” Save and Working??

  2. Spitt says:

    it’s detected and no longer being updated. I will put up a new Warface hack for you – which currently is undetected. See http://mmoexploiters.com/warface/warface-universal-game-hack/

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