Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon Full Download

The Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon for Dominion and Exile, will teach you how to level 1-50 in as little as 2 days. For me, that's a huge time saver, and to be rather honest, I kind of dislike the whole grinding up to the level cap thing, though it does give some insight into how each skill can be properly used, to ensure that you are delivering them in the right order, for maximum damage. With the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon guide, you will miss some of that... but to avoid the grind, it's well worth it.

Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon Full Download

Exile Dominion Leveling Guide

Beastly Wildstar Leveling AddonThe Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon was created with speed leveling in mind. With the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon, you will level in record times, with a step-by-step journey mapped out for high efficiency.

  • Know where to go at all times
  • Know which quests to accept or skip
  • Know where and how to complete each quest
  • Know the proper order to turn in quests, to maximize your XP gain


Wildstar GoldIf you don't have the time to level Wildstar by yourself, you can always pay a service to do it, however it can be costly. For example, our preferred service provider for Wildstar leveling, charges $160 for 1-50 leveling, and takes about 3-4 days. Obviously, if you have the time, then do it yourself and use the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon. Now if you run out of gold, you're shiz-out-of-luck, unless you purchase Wildstar Gold, in which case we highly recommend them for in-game gold. Really it comes down to convenience, as who wants to level all the way to 50, and then find out you're broke, and need to go back and learn how to farm Wildstar gold? Am I right? Of course I am. And this is where the Wildstar Gold seller is going to help you out.


How to install the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon

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Download Beastly Wildstar Addon Guide for Dominion & Exile

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4 Responses to Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon Full Download

  1. cutecookie19 says:

    Beastly seems to have some gaps on dominion route such as 6-15 and then 18-22… missing important quests in areas resulting in these gaps

  2. hashbrowns says:

    Sorry to hear that, try the Zygor Guide to fill in the gaps if you have any more problems with the guide. I have found overall that Zygor tends to eventually put together a great guide, but they are usually slow to put the guide up initially, which is why Beastly has a chance to be the big dog in the yard… at least for a little while.

  3. gwynnbleiidd says:

    Forum not work ._. how i can get access?

  4. Spitt says:

    As stated in the email I sent you, logout, and then in again. We aren’t sure why this happens, but it works.

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