Carbine team wipes Wildstar beta Livestream

Carbine Team Wipe - WildstarAs you might not know, the Carbine team wiped in their run during a Wildstar livestream. They made the excuse of too many mobs. I don't believe this is too valid, there was around 5 mobs in the fight, and with a really 'skilled' team, these are situations where you have to step up and win the fight. I know it sounds like I'm being a little harsh on them, because they do have constant questions coming in on Twitch, and most of his group mates were in another room and they had no contact. The main healer should not be answering questions on Twitch, or explaining too much about the game, he should be playing and showing us how to play the new Esper class!

The Esper is a VERY nice looking healing class, and great for CC abilities as well. They had a DPS Esper and Healing Esper on their run. Jade Martin was playing the role of healer, and they have another Esper who looked to be spec'd for DPS. I'm assuming once the Esper is spec'd for DPS, he is useless for healing altogether? I believe if the 2 Esper's stacked healing on the main tank, they may have won the fight, instead of the Carbine team wipe which happened instead.

This footage came from the Esper Livestream which team Carbine put on at 12 EST 16/11/2013.

Carbine team wipe

So, what are your thoughts on the Carbine team wipe? Am I being ridiculous? Or am I right and that it's a poor excuse for a pro-team which has had plenty of time to play the game, test it, and to perfect their delivery of the fight to the boss?

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